Linux System Administrator Full-time



Nashik, Maharashtra (4)

•    Monitor load and uptime of physical web servers
•    Monitor service performance
•    Analyze abuse patterns and suggest countermeasures
•    Deploy new servers (software level)
•    Identify and combat unusual DDoS attacks
•    Develop supervision for subparts including FTP, Litespeed, Bitninja, CloudLinux OS, MySQL, R1Soft
•    Ask precise questions to customers for a quick understanding of the root problem
•    Assist our Customer Success specialists to examine service problems from the client-side and suggest them
•    Communicate with clients through different modes like email and live chat to resolve the issues
•    Systematically send unresolved issues to the suitable internal teams
•    Manage multiple open issues at a time
•    Touch on optimization and automation tasks on multiple projects with tools available (Ansible)
Skills Required
•    Good experience with Linux and OS variants
•    Experience with Plesk, cPanel, and DirectAdmin
•    Must have experience with critical web servers (Nginx, LiteSpeed, Apache, NodeJS, Tomcat)
•    Experience with Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress, Codeigniter, Magento
•    Must know how network technologies work (IPv4, IPv6, BGP, routing, bridging, proxies, firewalls)
•    Must understand and write scripts in PHP, Python, Bash, or other programming languages
•    Excellent command of English communication skills (written and verbal)

Role Specific Skills
  • Active Listening
  • Category Flexibility
  • Complex Problem Solving
  • Computers and Electronics
  • Critical Thinking
  • Customer and Personal Service
  • Deductive Reasoning
  • Design
  • Engineering and Technology
  • English Language
  • Flexibility of Closure
  • Fluency of Ideas
  • Inductive Reasoning
  • Information Ordering
  • Judgment and Decision Making
  • Mathematical Reasoning
  • Mathematics
  • Near Vision
  • Operations Analysis
  • Oral Comprehension
  • Oral Expression
  • Originality
  • Problem Sensitivity
  • Programming
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Selective Attention
  • Speaking
  • Speech Clarity
  • Speech Recognition
  • Systems Analysis
  • Systems Evaluation
  • Written Comprehension
  • Written Expression

Bachelor of Computer Science (B.C.S)

Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) - Computer Science & Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) - Information Technology

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) - Computer Science

Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) - Computer Science & Engineering

Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) - Information Technology

Master of Computer Applications (M.C.A) - Computer Science

Master of Computer Applications (M.C.A) - Information Technology

Master of Engineering (M.E) - Computer Science & Engineering

Master of Engineering (M.E) - INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY

Master of Science (M.Sc) - Computer Science

Master of Technology (M.Tech) - Computer Science & Engineering

Master of Technology (M.Tech) - Information Technology