Assistant Consultant - Dermatologist Full-time



Chennai, Tamil Nadu (1)

Job Description: Assistant Consultant - Dermatologist
Education: MD Dermatology, DDVL, DVDL branches
Experience: Fresher or 1-year experience
Location: Egmore, Chennai
Job Summary:
We are seeking a skilled and passionate Assistant Consultant - Dermatologist to join our team. The Assistant
Consultant will be responsible for providing expert dermatological care to patients, conducting skin consultations,
diagnosing skin conditions, prescribing medication, performing non-invasive surgical procedures, and supporting
the organization in administrative and operational activities. The ideal candidate should have a strong educational
background in dermatology and possess excellent interpersonal skills.
- Conduct skin consultations with patients, assessing their skin conditions and evaluating any underlying diseases.
- Utilize patients' medical history and perform thorough skin assessments to diagnose and determine the
appropriate course of treatment.
- Prescribe medication, creams, and ointments to treat various skin conditions.
- Perform non-invasive surgical procedures on the skin, such as biopsies, excisions, and laser treatments, following
established protocols and guidelines.
- Engage in discussions with patients to inform them about the state of their skin health and provide guidance on
skincare routines and preventive measures.
- Collaborate with other healthcare professionals and specialists to develop comprehensive treatment plans for
- Maintain accurate and detailed patient records, documenting diagnoses, treatment plans, and progress notes.
- Stay updated with the latest advancements in dermatology by attending conferences, seminars, and continuing
education programs.
- Demonstrate good interpersonal skills, establishing positive relationships with patients and addressing their
concerns and questions.
- Support the organization in administrative and operational activities, including participating in meetings,
conducting studies, and contributing to quality improvement initiatives.

Role Specific Skills
  • Active Learning
  • Active Listening
  • Administration and Management
  • Arm-Hand Steadiness
  • Biology
  • Category Flexibility
  • Complex Problem Solving
  • Coordination
  • Critical Thinking
  • Customer and Personal Service
  • Deductive Reasoning
  • Education and Training
  • English Language
  • Finger Dexterity
  • Flexibility of Closure
  • Inductive Reasoning
  • Information Ordering
  • Instructing
  • Judgment and Decision Making
  • Medicine and Dentistry
  • Monitoring
  • Near Vision
  • Oral Comprehension
  • Oral Expression
  • Persuasion
  • Problem Sensitivity
  • Psychology
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Science
  • Selective Attention
  • Service Orientation
  • Social Perceptiveness
  • Speaking
  • Speech Clarity
  • Speech Recognition
  • Therapy and Counseling
  • Time Management
  • Writing
  • Written Comprehension
  • Written Expression

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) - Others

Doctor of Medicine (M.D)

Master of Science (M.Sc) - Any Specialization

- MD Dermatology degree with specialization in DDVL and DVDL branches.
- Fresher or 1-year experience in dermatology.
- Excellent knowledge of dermatological conditions, treatments, and procedures.
- Strong diagnostic skills and ability to interpret medical histories, symptoms, and test results.
- Proficient in prescribing medication and developing treatment plans.
- Skilled in performing non-invasive surgical procedures on the skin.
- Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills.
- Ability to build rapport with patients and provide compassionate care.
- Detail-oriented with excellent record-keeping and documentation abilities.
- Strong organizational and multitasking skills.
- Willingness to learn and stay updated with advancements in the field.
- Proficiency in using electronic medical record (EMR) systems and other relevant software.
Join our team and contribute to providing exceptional dermatological care to our patients. As an Assistant
Consultant - Dermatologist, you will have the opportunity to develop your skills, work with a diverse patient
population, and make a positive impact on people's lives.