Revenue Cycle Representative Full-Time

IKS Healthcare India Pvt Ltd

Posted By : IKS Healthcare India Pvt Ltd

Hyderabad, Telangana (500)

Primary Job Responsibilities: Manage assigned receivables portfolio by ensuring outstandingdenied claims are resolved. Reviews and analyse outstanding insurance claims, to get physician efforts paid. Identify trends and communicate findings errors to appropriate stakeholders in an effort to educate and eliminate future errors. Work with the insurance company on behalf of our clients, represent them and resolve the claims within the timelines and defined Service Level Agreements (SLAs) Interact with insurance org to get the required status update and have the claims resolved. Behavioral Competencies 1. Team Work 2. Accountability 3. Communication 4. Customer Service Orientation 5. Achievement Orientation Functional Competencies 1. Excellent communication skills 2. Good Analytical skills 3. High Learnability. (Desire to learn new skills & tools.) 4. Eye for detail. 5. Adaptability to new roles and responsibilities. 6. Ability to work in teams. 7. Good typing and computer skills.

  • Active Listening
  • Clerical
  • Computers and Electronics
  • Critical Thinking
  • Customer and Personal Service
  • Deductive Reasoning
  • English Language
  • Inductive Reasoning
  • Information Ordering
  • Near Vision
  • Oral Comprehension
  • Oral Expression
  • Persuasion
  • Problem Sensitivity
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Service Orientation
  • Speaking
  • Speech Clarity
  • Speech Recognition
  • Written Comprehension
  • Written Expression

B.M.M. - Others

B.M.S. - Others

Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) - Others

Bachelor of Arts (B.A) - Applied Psychology

Bachelor of Arts (B.A) - Economics

Bachelor of Arts (B.A) - Education

Bachelor of Arts (B.A) - English

Bachelor of Arts (B.A) - Geography

Bachelor of Arts (B.A) - History

Bachelor of Arts (B.A) - Interior Environment & Design

Bachelor of Arts (B.A) - Journalism & Mass Communication

Bachelor of Arts (B.A) - Liberal Arts

Bachelor of Arts (B.A) - Media Communication

Bachelor of Arts (B.A) - Music

Bachelor of Arts (B.A) - Others

Bachelor of Arts (B.A) - Philosophy

Bachelor of Arts (B.A) LLB - Others

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) - Accounting

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) - Accounting & Finance

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) - Banking

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) - Banking & Insurance

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) - Business Analytics

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) - Finance

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) - Financial Markets

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) - General

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) - Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) - Management

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) - Others

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) - Taxation

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) - Tourism

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) - Elementary Education (B.El.Ed)

Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) - Computer Science & Engineering (Mainframe Technology)

Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) - Others

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) - Agriculture

Graduates in any Field can apply. At present we are working from home


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