Immediate Hiring Operations Team Lead - Chennai Location Full-time

Govche India Private Limited

Posted By : Govche India Private Limited

Chennai, Tamil Nadu (10)

Job Description:

  • Skilled in implementing best practices to boost productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • Expert at creating and implementing operational goals and strategies to improve operations.
  • Oversee daily operations, find opportunities for improvement, and create effective solutions.
  • Built and maintained good relationships with external vendors and suppliers.
  • Manage and coordinate all operational areas of the organization in order to optimize procedures and maximize efficiency.
  • Proficient in using technology to optimize operations, automate manual chores, and increase operational efficiency.
  • Resolved challenging customer service issues ly and effectively.
  • Coordinate with other departments to establish clear communication and teamwork.
  • Plan and carry out projects to meet deadlines and objectives.
  • Train and advise team members to ensure that operational processes are followed correctly.
  • Implemented training sessions to guarantee good onboarding and work performance.
  • Coordinated with cross-functional teams to ensure projects were completed on time.
  • Designed and implemented operational methods to increase efficiency and production.
  • Monitor operational performance versus targets and offer remedial action as needed.
  • Track and analyze operational data to discover trends and opportunities for improvement.

Role Specific Skills
  • Active Learning
  • Active Listening
  • Administration and Management
  • Category Flexibility
  • Clerical
  • Communications and Media
  • Complex Problem Solving
  • Computers and Electronics
  • Coordination
  • Critical Thinking
  • Customer and Personal Service
  • Deductive Reasoning
  • Education and Training
  • English Language
  • Fluency of Ideas
  • Inductive Reasoning
  • Information Ordering
  • Instructing
  • Judgment and Decision Making
  • Learning Strategies
  • Management of Financial Resources
  • Management of Personnel Resources
  • Monitoring
  • Near Vision
  • Negotiation
  • Oral Comprehension
  • Oral Expression
  • Originality
  • Personnel and Human Resources
  • Persuasion
  • Problem Sensitivity
  • Psychology
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Service Orientation
  • Social Perceptiveness
  • Speaking
  • Speech Clarity
  • Speech Recognition
  • Systems Analysis
  • Systems Evaluation
  • Time Management
  • Writing
  • Written Comprehension
  • Written Expression

Bachelor of Computer Applications (B.C.A) - Database System

Bachelor of Information Systems Management (B.I.S.M)

Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) - Computer Engineering

Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) - Computer Science & Business Systems

  1. Communication Skills: Ability to clearly articulate goals, expectations, and feedback to team members and stakeholders. Good communication fosters understanding and collaboration within the team.

  2. Leadership: Capability to inspire and motivate team members to achieve their best performance. A good leader leads by example, sets clear directions, and supports the team in reaching its goals.

  3. Organization: Strong organizational skills to manage multiple tasks, set priorities, and allocate resources effectively. Being organized helps in streamlining processes and ensuring smooth operations.

  4. Problem-Solving Skills: Capacity to identify issues, analyze root causes, and implement solutions efficiently. A good team lead should be proactive in addressing challenges and finding innovative ways to overcome obstacles.

  5. Decision Making: Ability to make well-informed decisions under pressure. A team lead should consider various factors, weigh options, and choose the best course of action to achieve objectives.

  6. Flexibility: Adaptability to changing circumstances and willingness to adjust plans as needed. Flexibility enables the team to respond effectively to unexpected situations and market dynamics.

  7. Conflict Resolution: Skill in managing conflicts and resolving disputes among team members. A good team lead should promote a positive work environment by addressing conflicts ly and fairly.

  8. Empathy: Understanding and consideration for the feelings and perspectives of team members. Empathy fosters trust, collaboration, and a supportive team culture.

  9. Technical Proficiency: Understanding of the operational processes and relevant technical skills in the field. A team lead should have a solid grasp of the tools and technologies used by the team to provide guidance and support.

  10. Accountability: Taking ownership of responsibilities and holding oneself and team members accountable for results. Accountability fosters a culture of responsibility and continuous improvement.

  11. Collaboration: Ability to work effectively with other teams, departments, and stakeholders to achieve common goals. Collaboration enhances coordination and synergy across the organization.

  12. Continuous Learning: Willingness to learn and adapt to new technologies, methodologies, and best practices. Continuous learning ensures that the team remains competitive and stays ahead of industry trends.

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