Shift Manager Full-time



Chennai, Tamil Nadu (10)Bengaluru, Karnataka (15)

1. Employee Management: One of the main responsibilities of a shift leader in the burger king is managing employees. The shift supervisor assigns tasks to kitchen and customer service Team member and makes sure they are doing them properly and efficiently. Shift leaders must provide breaks to employees and ensure that the positions are covered as each worker rotates through. If employees call in sick or fail to report to work, shift leaders must either find replacements or reorganize the help on hand to make up for the missing labor. Should employees commit errors or need to be reprimanded, the shift leader must either resolve the situation or the store manager, depending on the situation.


2. Customer Service: The fast food industry is based on speed and quality, so one of the shift leader's main duties is to ensure customers are served quickly. The shift Leader must monitor the time customers are kept waiting and ensure that a certain time limit is not reached either in the drive-thru or in the restaurant itself. Shift supervisors must also oversee the production of food and beverage items to make sure employees are distributing food that is of the appropriate temperature and quality.


3. Profitable shift management: Shift leader must maintain profitable shift, he/she must ensure that Cashier are doing the suggestive selling, up selling & Execution of POP Labour optimization, control the utility wastage (electricity, Gas & water) focus on sales trends so, Product level system can be adjusted.


4. Cash Management: Shift leaders are in charge of opening and closing register drawers for employees. They also count the currency in each drawer and create cash accountability reports. Shift leaders might be required to make bank deposits and must be able to resolve currency shortage or overage problems. Shift leaders are also responsible for safe or vault keys while on duty.


5. REV Standards: Each restaurant must maintain a list of cleanliness and operation guidelines set by a APC (REV compliance) or local health inspection agency. Food Safety & BK standards are checked by the NSF, BK Brand Standards Team. Failure to meet their requirements might result in fines or other penalties. In extreme cases, the restaurant might have to shut down until it makes adequate changes to meet regulatory requirements. Shift leaders must observe employees to make sure they are upholding these standards. They also must routinely check the store to ensure it meets the agencys code requirements.


6. Opening and Closing: The Shift manager is responsible for opening and closing the restaurant. This includes physically locking and unlocking the doors and ensuring that alarm systems are activated or deactivated. She/he is responsible for overseeing other employees to make sure that the restaurant is properly stocked and ready to receive customers at opening time. After the restaurant closes, she oversees employees to make sure the restaurant is properly cleaned and ready for the next shift.


7. Inventory: shift Leader may be required to take inventory of how many food items and restaurant supplies are in stock. Post the daily inventory on NBO along with reported waste. Trouble shoot the variance. Also, Prepare the Purchase order. When the order arrives, she/he verifies that the order was fulfilled correctly

Role Specific Skills
  • Active Listening
  • Customer and Personal Service
  • English Language
  • Food Production
  • Near Vision
  • Oral Comprehension
  • Oral Expression
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Service Orientation
  • Social Perceptiveness
  • Speaking
  • Speech Clarity
  • Speech Recognition

Any Graduate

Any Postgraduate

Higher Secondary

Education Qualification: Graduation in Hotel Management or any Field, More than 6 months of Experience in Food & Beverage industry

Location: Bengaluru & Chennai

  • PF
  • ESIC
  • Gratuity