TCS iON Digital Learning

Transform learning at your institution with the TCS iON Digital Learning Platform. Our community-driven approach, powered by a state-of-the-art LMS, provides a perfect environment for an improved outcome. From course delivery, assessments to evaluations and beyond, we are here to help you achieve your goals and your full potential.

Why TCS iON Digital Learning?

  • Say goodbye to location and time constraints, and hello to the ultimate flexibility in learning and education. With TCS iON's Digital Learning cloud-based LMS, you can access everything you need anytime, anywhere.
  • Empower your teaching experience with our faculty-friendly platform which is easy to setup and use. Engage your students with peer learning, collaboration, and game-based learning to make education more fun.
  • Engage your students with peer learning, collaboration, and game-based learning to make education more fun.
  • Empower your institution's leadership team and faculty with the insights they need to make informed decisions with our informative dashboards.
  • Your faculty can now create and customise their course delivery, giving them the freedom to tailor their teaching approach to fit their students' needs.
  • Intuitive assignment creation and rubric enabled evaluation to improve learning outcomes.
  • Best-in-class assessments for continuous evaluation and personalised feedback to students.

TCS iON Digital Learning features

We are here to help you streamline your operations and improve efficiency on campus with technology.

Key Aspects of TCS iON Digital Learning

TCS iON Digital Learning
  • For Faculty
    • 1. Lesson planning
    • 2. Controlled course delivery
    • 3. Assignments and homework
    • 4. Assessments
    • 5. Study material upload
    • 6. Communities for collaboration
    • 7. Integration with popular video conferencing vendors
    • 8. Automatic notifications
    • 9. Announcements
    • 10. Automatic attendance
  • For Administrators
    • 1. Notifications management
    • 2. Collaborate
    • 3. Events management
    • 4. Meetings
    • 5. Academic schedules
    • 6. Supervisory activity support
    • 7. External connect
    • 8. Repositories
    • 9. Grievance management
    • 10. Professional development
    • 11. Orientation
    • 12. Placements
  • For Students
    • 1. Resources for study
    • 2. Solved question papers
    • 3. Assessments
    • 4. Mock tests
    • 5. Peer connects
    • 6. Faculty connects
    • 7. Projects
    • 8. Assignments
    • 9. Curriculum lessons
    • 10. Certification courses

Key Benefits for Institutions

Empowering institutions to improve learning outcomes.

Improved Efficiency

Improved Efficiency

Improved Efficiency

Improve efficiency by creating a collaborative learning environment with personalised instruction. This allows faculty to focus more on teaching without having to worry about administrative hassles.

Deliver Exponential Value

Deliver Exponential Value

Deliver Exponential Value

Establish learner engagement beyond classrooms, for instance, by hosting an online content repository with a version control mechanism to deliver exponential value.

Integrated Organiszation

Integrated Organisation

Integrated Organisation

Utilise built-in tools to facilitate smooth stakeholder communication like a fully integrated organisation. Your one-stop solution for all teaching and learning needs.

Enhancing Teaching Effectiveness

Enhancing Teaching Effectiveness

Enhancing Teaching Effectiveness

Empower your faculty to focus on teaching with our powerful LMS platform and not on administrative tasks. Achieve exceptional learning outcomes with instant evaluations, analytics, and personalised feedback.

Delivering Excellence

Delivering Excellence

Delivering Excellence

Our platform brings consistency and a true exchange of knowledge through our tools, collaboration features, and expert resources. Change the learning experience of your students and see the difference in their performance with our LMS platform, which consists of interactive dashboards, and a student-centric approach.

Facilitating Deeper Engagement

Facilitating Deeper Engagement

Facilitating Deeper Engagement

Our LMS platform's community framework enables various stakeholders of the institution to work together as a single unit, fostering a collaborative and cohesive environment.

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We have answered some of the queries you might have.

TCS iON Digital Learning requires internet connectivity and can be accessed through a desktop or laptop. If internet connectivity is not available, TCS iON PAPER, an offline version of the platform, can be used.
Yes, videos can be uploaded to the TCS iON Digital Learning Platform in both communities and courses. You can upload videos in course content while adding or updating it, or create media posts to share them on community/course homepage timeline.
Yes, while creating or updating content on TCS iON Digital Learning, there is an option to select "Allow Download" as "No" which restricts students from downloading the content.
Yes, you can upload Mathematical symbols and audio video questions.
Yes, the course completion percentage status is displayed in the "My Courses" section against each course and also on the course homepage.
Yes, you can send email and SMS notifications to students using the 'Notify Users' option when creating posts on the platform.
You can upload 10 images/files each of a maximum size of 100MB or a single video/file of maximum size upto 500MB in a media post. The default maximum size is 500MB, however, the organisation administrator of the institution can increase it from the 'My Preferences' screen.
While creating a course or community, it is necessary to select two administrators. Once the community or course is created, additional administrators can be added to it from the 'Invite Users' screen in the community/course admin panel.
Yes, you can invite external users. Additionally, users can be added by sharing communities/courses with other organisations and post which they can send enrolment requests as normal community users/participants in the course.
Access to the data of an organisation is limited to members only. Organisation administrators and other administrators can further restrict access to the data by selecting necessary permissions in profile settings of users from Manage >> Profile screen.
Yes, you can download the course content as a learner, if the download option is allowed by your instructor.
TCS iON Digital Learning is integrated with multiple video conference vendors such as (Zoom, MS Teams, Vidyo, Impartus and so on). If you have the licences of any vendors, you can use the same to facilitate video conferences on this platform.
You can share communities and courses with other organisations if you have appropriate privileges.
SCORM reader is provisioned in TCS iON Digital Learning to facilitate eLearning. We do basic tracking like marks obtained, date-time of participation for the SCORM content.
The solution provisions content repository for course content and global repository for posts. You can save content and posts to the respective repositories and reuse them in content creation.
There is a provision to report abuse of any post or comment if it is irrelevant and inappropriate. Such posts are hidden from the timeline, reported and deleted on approval from the administrator.
Course templates can be updated after creating batches. You can select content additions from a course template and copy to course batch. For more details, refer to sync data.