Why TCS iON Digital Assessments?

Assessments play a crucial role at every step of a student's academic journey. However, ensuring assessments are transparent, efficient and fair, requires significant planning, effort, and resources from the institution.
TCS iON Digital Assessments Solution - The ultimate solution to seamlessly conduct exams online and offline. Effortlessly manage the distribution of question papers, evaluation and result management processes. Let us help you take the hassle out of assessments so that you can focus on shaping your students' future.

Key highlights of TCS iON Digital Assessment

  • Multi-model
  • Error-free
  • Promising
    Certainty and Credibility
  • Scalability
  • Remote
  • Accessibility
  • User
  • Data Security

Key Aspects of TCS iON Digital Assessment

TCS has transformed the entire process making it digital & efficient

TCS iON Digital Assessment
  • Standardise Application Management

    We're here to make application management convenient & efficient. Our solution streamlines candidate registration with a hassle-free application processing. TCS iON’s platform solution is here to take care of everything, leaving you free to focus on more pressing matters.

  • Selecting Convenient Exam Centre

    Our platform offers flexibility, allowing candidates to choose the most convenient test centre, ensuring a hassle-free and smooth exam experience. And that's not all, our solution audits test centres to estimate infrastructure capacity, such as the number of computers available, ensuring that the selected test centre can cater to the candidate's needs.

  • Prevent Question Paper Leakage

    TCS iON uses a highly secure method to create, review, and seal question papers, ensuring confidentiality and integrity. Our solution distributes question papers on the day of the exam via multiple modes. This ensures access to only authorised personnel, minimising the risk of unauthorised access or leakage.

  • Easy Access to Mock Tests

    Our cutting-edge mock test solution ensures your candidates are well prepared to ace their digital exams. Easy access to multiple mock tests, is designed to strengthen the candidate's concepts, ensuring that they thoroughly understand the subject matter.

  • Track Assessment Process

    Take control of your assessment process with our industry-leading solution. Our platform allows you to track pre- and post-assessment activities, ensuring your exams are secure, scalable, and monitored in real time. We conduct a highly secure and scalable exam, with all activities tracked at the national, zonal, regional, city, test centre, or LAN level.

  • Declare Results Within 24 Hours

    Our platform delivers accurate results within 24 hours of the exam, enabling candidates to access their results directly without delay. Our solution ensures the results are accurate and error-free. With our solution, you can provide candidates with a seamless, stress-free exam experience.

TCS iON Digital Assessment features

Our application management feature is here to streamline your process.

Key Benefits of TCS iON Digital Assessments

Empowering institutions to improve learning outcomes.

Candidate Management

Candidate Management

Candidate Management

Manage your students activities feature with TCS iON Digital Assessment Solution.

Question Paper Management

Question Paper Management

Question Paper Management

Design and streamline the exam process with security and accuracy.

Assessment Management

Assessment Management

Assessment Management

Experience seamless and user-friendly assessment solution.




Manage your end-to-end activities in the most secured way.




Leverage our presence across India for learning and assessment solutions.




Trusted partner to provide a fast, accurate, and hassle-free assessment experience.

Assessment Model Offerings

In-Center Assessment

In-Centre Assessment

This mode of assessment involves conducting exams at the TCS iON Authorised Exam Centres.

Remote Assessment

Remote Assessment

With this mode, candidates can take exams from anywhere using their own infrastructure.

Hybrid Model

Hybrid Model

Our solution allows candidates to choose between the In-Centre and Remote modes, depending on their convenience.

Types of Remote Assessments

Our digital assessment solution lets you conduct exams on a large scale.

No Proctoring

  • This mode of assessment allows candidates to take exams from anywhere without any proctoring.
  • As there is no proctoring involved, this mode has the lowest level of security.
  • This mode is mainly used for practice exams where the focus is on preparing for the actual exam rather than on the exam security.

Low Proctoring

  • This mode of assessment allows candidates to take exams from anywhere with a basic level of proctoring.
  • The device on which the candidate takes the exam is locked down, preventing the use of the internet or other apps during the exam.
  • This mode is mainly used for low-stake tests where a basic level of proctoring is sufficient.

Remote Human Proctoring

  • This mode of assessment enables candidates to take exams from anywhere with remote human proctoring.
  • To ensure exam integrity, the device on which the candidate takes the exam is locked down.
  • Candidate feeds are sent in near real-time to a centralised team that monitors all candidates, ensuring compliance with exam guidelines and rules.

Machine Proctoring

  • This mode of assessment allows candidates to take exams from anywhere with machine proctoring.
  • The device on which the candidate takes the exam is locked down to ensure exam integrity.
  • Candidate feeds are sent in near real-time to a data centre where the machine analyses them and identifies any malpractices.
  • Along with machine proctoring, this mode also enables remote human proctoring for added exam security.

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We have answered some of the queries you might have.

  • Online Remote Proctored Assessment
  • In-Centre Assessment at TCS iON Authorised Exam Centres PAN India
  • Hybrid Model - Flexibility for candidates to choose either Remote or In-Centre
Candidates can choose one of these options while applying, based on the computer and network infrastructure availability at their home.
  • Operating System: Windows 7 (with latest service pack installed), Windows 10 and Ubuntu Linux (14.1 and 16) version
  • Android/iOS mobile platforms are also supported
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 (or equivalent) and above
  • HDD: 100MB of free space
  • Internet speed: minimum 2 MBPS. Recommended is 5 MBPS
  • Browser: Google Chrome is recommended (for best experience)
  • Working Web Camera
  • Ubuntu 18 and 20 is currently not supported
  • macOS and Safari browser is not supported
TCS iON conducts a mock IRC (Infrastructure Readiness Check) to check the computer's infrastructure before the exam. If any issues are detected during this check, candidates can connect with live chat agents who will assist in resolving these issues during the IRC. If the problem cannot be resolved, candidates must identify another laptop/desktop to take their exam or choose to appear at a TCS iON Authorised Exam Centre.
During the Online Remote Proctored Assessment, the candidate's images will be randomly recorded multiple times by the computer. These images will be compared with those captured during the initial registration process. Additionally, Human Proctoring and AI Proctoring are both enabled by TCS iON to ensure a secure testing environment.
TCS iON's Digital Assessment solution offers three evaluation methods based on the assessment type, ensuring high standardisation levels. These methods are:
  • Instant Evaluation: This method instantly provides answers to the candidates. When creating questions, you can give immediate results or declare them later.
  • Offline Evaluation: This method involves entering answers to a paper-pencil assessment into the system and evaluating the responses.
  • Digital Marking: This method includes scanning and uploading answer sheets into the system, registering and assigning assessments to evaluators, completing the evaluation in the system, and sharing results. It also offers key-based evaluation for objective questions and workflow-based evaluation. Digital marking-based evaluation enables online evaluation of responses to a paper-pencil assessment.
The delivery of TCS iON Digital Assessments Solution involves a comprehensive process that includes provisioning, configuration, and training. Typically, it takes around one to two weeks to deploy and go-live for any assessment cycle. However, the exact timelines may vary depending on the scope of work.
Our solution supports multiple question formats, such as multi-choice, multi-select, and multilingual, and different types of question papers, including those with question shuffling, option shuffling, and parameterised questions. Furthermore, we provide the option for both comprehensive and semi-digital assessments.
Yes, we do offer content services based on customer requests. However, we provide two different models to cater to different requirements. The first model offers only a secure platform to create question papers or question banks, while the second model involves us taking ownership of the entire question paper creation process and providing the content. The pricing for the services will vary depending on the finalised scope of work.
Kindly fill the form below with your details and submit. Our team will connect with you within 24 hours after receiving the details filled by you either on Partner with Us or Book a Demo.