TCS iON Remote Assessments

TCS iON Remote Assessments enables institutions to continue admission and academic promotion processes in a secured manner, remotely.

  • Enables administration of assessments remotely (admission and semester exams)
  • Supports 3 types of proctoring - system controls, machine proctoring and dual (man-machine) proctoring
  • Supports 5 different assessment methods
    • Pen and Paper
    • Computer-based
    • Optical Mark Recognition (OMR)
    • Digi OMR
    • Hands-on

TCS iON Remote Marking

TCS iON Remote Marking facilitates Universities to evaluate answer books in a remote and secured manner.

  • Location independent marking
  • Available in both (with and without) supervision models (leveraging AI/ML algorithms)
  • Manages the evaluation using 5 different methods
    • Key-based
    • On-screen Human Marking
    • AI-based
    • Image-based
    • Algorithm-based

TCS iON Remote Internships

TCS iON Remote Internships, a digital internship programme, is designed to provide large number of internship opportunities across various trending topics/domains.

  • Remote internship opportunities across trending topics/domains
  • A programme compliant with AICTE guidelines
  • Experience collaborative learning with peers, connect with industry mentors and get evaluation of project performance
  • Offers 3 variants – RIO-45, RIO-125 and RIO-210
  • Supporting elements include
    • Industry projects, industry readiness skills, self-learning content, recorded webinars, daily activity reports, knowledge sharing in digital discussion rooms, tests and viva

Key Features:

  • Manage Secured Exams Remotely
  • AI Powered Remote Proctoring of Candidates
  • Supports 50 Types of Questions
  • Conduct Subjective Exams with an Ability to Draw Complex Equations and Diagrams
  • Effective Machine/Remote Human Proctoring Maintaining Integrity of a Confidential Exam

What’s Included:

  • Intelligent Alerts on Suspicious Activities
  • Proctoring through Video Nuggets
  • Analytics and Real-time Dashboards
  • Advanced Launcher to Kill Other Apps During the Exam
  • User-friendly Interface

Key Features:

  • AB Routing - Enhanced Confidentiality Due to Non-local Evaluation
  • Standardisation and Consistency in Evaluation Powered by Seeding Technology
  • Authentication through Face Recognition -> Login + Intermittent Verification
  • Marking Controls – Smart Review
  • Audit and RTI Links
  • Visibility and Tracking Powered by Command Centre

What’s Included:

  • Remote Marking without Supervision
  • Remote Marking with AI Based Supervision

Key Features:

  • Internships Available Throughout the Year
  • Acknowledged by Educational Institutions for Credits
  • Programme Construct Compliant with AICTE Guidelines
  • Wide Range of Projects on Trending Topics/Domains
  • Anywhere, Anytime Internship

What’s Included:

  • RIO-45 - 45 Hours Internship for 10 Days
  • RIO-125 - 125 Hours Internship for 30 Days
  • RIO-210 - 210 Hours Internship for 45 Days
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