TCS iON NQT - Role in Recruitment

TCS iON NQT - Role in Recruitment

TCS iON is providing a gateway to every student's future. It gives access to a single, standardised, high-quality benchmark test to showcase their competency to top recruiters, while at the same time, enables many job opportunities across all education streams.

TCS iON NQT assesses in the areas of cognitive ability, psychometric profile, industry awareness, and expertise in subject areas relevant to the industry. These tests are conducted every 2-4 weeks so that students can showcase their skills for job readiness and are provided with multiple test attempts to improve their score. Any pre-final or final year graduation student or a fresher with up to 2 years of experience is eligible to take this test. The tests are conducted only In-Centre mode at TCS iON Authorised Exam Centres PAN India and the score cards are valid for 2 years.

TCS iON NQT certified candidates can directly apply for jobs of their choice through our TCS iON Job Listing Platform. We invite you to be a part of this game changing initiative that will significantly benefit you and your students.

Hiring through TCS iON NQT

Hiring through TCS iON NQT

  • Kickstart your student's career with TCS iON NQT and be a part of its global workforce across Top Corporates PAN India
  • Many Top Corporates PAN India including TCS are considering TCS iON NQT Scores as a part of their hiring process
  • TCS uses TCS iON NQT Scores to evaluate and shortlist candidates for its IT and BPS hiring which has drastically reduced its time to hire
  • Students with TCS iON NQT Scores can register on the TCS iON Job Listing Platform and get access to multiple job opportunities

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Key Benefits

Prepare students early to ensure higher success in the exam

Improve placement process in
diverse sectors for students

Avail higher placement opportunities at TCS
and Top Corporates for your students

Increase the brand value of
your Institution

Help to identify students' strengths
and improvement areas

Reduce time and cost to place students
through campus hiring

Students’ Participation in TCS iON NQT

TCS iON conducted the first two exams in October 2020 and February 2021, 5.5 Lakh+ students got their TCS iON NQT Scores and are getting placed in multiple corporates across the country.

Brands that Acknowledge TCS iON NQT
and are hiring NOW

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