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About Eastern Harmony

Eastern Harmony is in the core business of organising music events all over India and offers self-paced learning programmes for all those who aspire to learn Indian Art Music. iSM, an initiative of Eastern Harmony's Vision is to spread Indian Art Music across the Globe, allowing the learners to learn Digitally irrespective of language and boundary they are in. The Mission is to impart knowledge on Indian Art Music and trigger social awareness about Indian culture, history and legacy through structured curriculum imparted by our renowned experts and legends of Indian Music.

About iSM

iSM, in short, is a Movement. It means different things to different people. iSM, an initiative of Eastern Harmony to impart Indian Art Music by publishing and marketing its own Digital content. This initiative is carried out through an online platform to transform knowledge Digitally on Indian Art Music. iSM's content is especially designed for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced level learners of different age groups. Those who are interested can avail iSM services and get trained in Indian Art Music based on their expertise level with guidance and support from Maestros.

About iSM Courses

Imbibe the best of rich oral tradition of learning Indian Music through a Digital Platform.
Get professional support curated by the Masters of Indian Music and Musicologists.
Learn from a foundation of self-practice-based learning.
Become a part of structured learning regardless of your stage and intention of learning.
Practise on your own before you engage with a Guru in the physical world.

Choose Your Course and Get Started


Bansuri Guru by Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia

World famous Bansuri virtuoso has curated your training for this journey. Learn any time, any place as per your convenience. Practice as many times as you want. Now your Guru is just a click away!


Tabla Guru by Pandit Yogesh Samsi

The Tabla Maestro takes you step by step into the journey of learning the Tabla. Get feedback on your assignments from experienced mentors to keep track of your learning journey.


Vocal Guru by Smt. Anuradha Chaurasia

Guruma will be your guide as you discover your voice to be able to apply it to your music and rhythm.

Why iSM Certification

Helps digital learning, teaching, and staying connected to Indian Art Music
Serves as a digital platform for social networking, for those interested in Indian Art Music
Fast-track your learning
Ignites your passion for a profession
Helps you learn from performers and industry experts

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1. What are the benefits of the iSM Courses? +
  • The iSM Courses help you to learn under the guidance of a Maestro; practise as many times as you wish to; gain access to rich video, audio, theoretical lessons; and much more!