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About TCS iON Learning of Realistic Experiences (iLORE)

We all are living in the 21st Century where technologies are transforming at a rapid speed. But are we also keeping up with these changes? As per the recent survey, experts from all over the world find that most of us are still hesitant to switch to the digital business culture and are still adopting the traditional ways to run the business. With growing digitisation and rapidly evolving consumer demand there is a constant change in the marketplace and by embracing digital culture as a new norm of working we can open doors for capitalising new opportunities as well as optimising existing operations to achieve significant business improvement.

iLORE Hub is an initiative of TCS iON Digital Manufacturing Unit which focusses on helping individuals get closer to the digital culture. The courses built on this platform are designed by industry experts which will help you to gain theoretical knowledge as well as get the right practical exposure to the best-in-class TCS iON Solutions.

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1. How will the courses in iLORE programme benefit? +
  • The courses in this programme are specially designed to help you learn the importance of switching from traditional business practices to digital business practices by adopting digital solutions in order to simplify your business activities.