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Integrated Operations and Supply Chain Management in the Digital Era

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About the programme


The certificate programme is designed to provide comprehensive training in Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, and Digital Transformation of a firm’s operations and supply chain through digital technologies. The programme will be conducted using a mix of live and recorded lectures. With live online and recorded sessions, the programme spans seven modules to provide insights into a firm's operations and supply chain needs, the digital tools, technologies and frameworks.

The course will be conducted using a variety of tools that include case discussions, simulations and lectures. The course is suited for pre-final and final year students, executives, managers and professionals aiming to work in the domain or deepen their understanding of contemporary operations practices and digital strategies within organisational and supply chain contexts....


The participants are expected to have developed the following skills by the end of the programme:

  • Master core Operations Management concepts and their financial impacts
  • Understand various Information Systems, their evolution, and their role in a firm’s strategic decisions
  • Understand the technological needs of a firm for efficient operations
  • Learn fundamentals of Supply Chain Management across different product life cycle stages
  • Apply Strategic Operations principles across diverse business settings
  • Analyse the impact of technologies like Blockchain, IIoT, AR/VR, 3D Printing on value chains

Learning Outcomes

What you learn

Develop hands-on expertise in

Developing Operations Strategy of a firm

Analysing operational bottlenecks and how to resolve them

Using Strategic Frameworks to assess digital technologies

Understanding Supply Chain fit for a product

Creating contracts aligning with goals of partners

Managing global Supply Chain networks

Using technology to improve Supply Chain efficiency

The field generates a variety of job roles, including but not limited to:

The field generates a variety of job roles, including but not limited to

Operations Manager

Supply Chain Analyst

Logistics Coordinator

Vendor Operations

Sourcing and Procurement

Supply Chain Manager

Process Improvement Manager

Digital Transformation Consultant

Strategic Operations Consultant

These roles require a blend of technical understanding, strategic thinking, and practical application of concepts taught in the programme.

Key highlights

90 hours of overall experiential learning

HBR Case Studies

Three simulations in operations and Supply Chain decision making

Recorded lectures for self-paced learning

Live lectures for interactive learning and doubt clearing

Workshop on operations and SCM tools

Programme pedagogy

Expert-led live sessions

Engage in dynamic training sessions conducted by distinguished faculty from IIM Visakhapatnam along with seasoned industry professionals.

Recorded session videos

Access educational content on-demand, available for learning on any device, at any time, ensuring flexibility and convenience for revisiting the material.

Industry use cases and simulations

Enhance your understanding of complex business situations by participating in simulations and case studies that mirror complex business environments, providing deep, experiential learning.

Harvard Business School cases

Dive deep into decision-making processes with case studies from Harvard Business School, renowned for shaping business leaders globally. These cases foster critical thinking and strategic planning skills.

Peer networking and expert connect

Expand your professional network and engage with experts through our interactive community platforms, facilitating enhanced learning and problem-solving.

Hands-on learning experiences

Participate in practical sessions where you will work with real-world data and public datasets, fostering a deep, experiential understanding of the material.

Live doubt solving sessions

Address your queries in real-time with direct access to experts during live sessions, ensuring clarity and immediate assistance.

Dedicated learning management team

Receive continual guidance and support from our committed learning management team, tailored to meet your educational needs and enhance your learning journey.

Programme Syllabus Overview

This comprehensive syllabus is structured into seven modules designed to guide participants through the intricacies of firm decision-making in Operations Management and its interaction with Supply Chain partners. It further explores how these decisions and processes can be enhanced using advanced digital tools. Each module builds on the knowledge from the previous, ensuring a cohesive and thorough understanding of both foundational and advanced topics.

Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion, Measures of Association, Probability and Bayes Theorem, Discrete Distribution - Uniform and Binomial; Continuous Distribution - Uniform and Normal, Forecasting - 1, Forecasting - 2

Introduction to Operations Management, Introduction to Process Flow Analysis, Bottleneck Analysis, Process Design, Link between Finance and Operations, Inventory Management - Certain Demand 1, Inventory Management - Certain Demand 2, Inventory Management - Probabilistic Demand, Project Management - 1, Project Management - 2, Simulation - Lead Time Management (Non-Evaluated)

Does IT Matter; Strategy (RBV); IT and IS Difference, Types of IS - Three dimensions: Breadth of Implementation; Levels of Management; Infra, Apps, and Data, MIS Design: Information's Competitive Advantage (activities and linkages, II Matrix), CSF Analysis for Information needs Identification, Enterprise-wide Systems - Planning and Execution Systems

Queuing Theory, Quality Management, Lean Operations, Toyota Production System Postponement

Introduction to Supply Chain, Value of Information: Simulation, Inventory Management and Risk Pooling, Value of Information: Discussion, Contracts: Centralised vs. Decentralised, Contract Incentive Design: Make-to-Order, Contract Incentive Design: Stock-to-Order, E-Commerce Distribution, Simulation - Evaluated

Blockchains - Technology Basics and Demo and Use Cases - 1, Blockchains - Technology Basics and Demo and Use Cases - 2, Industrial Internet of Things - Operational Efficiency: Digital Twins, New Business Models - Outcome-based, Industry 4.0 - 3D Printing, Warehouse Management Systems (Robotics), Process Automation (IPA), Case - HBR: Use Case of Digitisation in SCM, Data Analytics and AI Use Cases in SCM

Distribution Strategies: Centralised vs. Decentralised System, Sourcing Strategies, Coordinated Product and Supply Chain Design, Supply Chain Risk Management, Smart Pricing and Revenue Management

This syllabus is designed to not only impart essential knowledge but also to enable practical application through case studies, simulations, and hands-on projects, preparing participants for strategic decision-making and leadership in their respective fields.

Programme Brochure

Details about the programme and the sessions are available in the brochure.

Digital Certificate

Learners will be awarded a co-branded digital certificate upon successful completion of the programme.


Meet the Mentor(s)


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Undergraduates, postgraduates and working professionals with limited work experience along with those with a foundational understanding of quantitative analysis and interest in technology, can apply for this programme.
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    This certificate programme is envisaged to help build a strong foundation across various streams through live and recorded lectures, HBR case studies, hands-on implementation through simulation games, workshops on operations and SCM tools, industry use cases and mentorship of renowned industry and IIM Visakhapatnam faculty members. Learners will also get an opportunity to showcase their skills to potential recruiters. The entire course is being delivered by the faculty of IIM Visakhapatnam.
    This is a one of a kind programme that brings to you best in class faculty from IIM Visakhapatnam. A key differentiation of the programme is that is covers a wide range of topics within the operations and supply chain with an added emphasis on the use of digital technologies within the operations and supply chain domain. The course is loaded with features like HBR case studies, multiple simulations and workshops which add significant value to the learner. The price offered is most competitive, comparable to similar products available in the market. This is a great value add to the learners.
    In case a learner misses a live lecture, he/she will be provided access under Live Lecture learning component, to view the recorded version of the session within and for a specified time frame.
The learners would need the following infrastructure to access the learning platform:
    1. Device: A standard Desktop/Laptop/Tablet/Smartphone with camera and mic
    2. Internet: A regular broadband/Wi-Fi connection or a mobile 4G connection
    A learner can conveniently connect among the members at an appointed time for group work, outside the live classes. Learners can also use the platform 24x7 to engage and learn from their peers using our digital discussion rooms available under the course of the programme. Our platform also has the provision of group-specific discussion forums for offline discussion among the group members.
Yes, all eligible learners will get an opportunity to appear in 3 job interviews basis their TCS iON National Proficiency Test (TCS iON NPT) score.
    1. Learners can appear for TCS iON NPT as per the course topic and TCS iON NPT schedule.
    2. TCS iON NPT has to be completed within 3 months from completion of the course.
    The duration of this programme is 3 months across the span of 14 weeks, including hands-on and doubt clearing sessions. This programme will include around 3 hours of live lectures and 3 hours of recorded lectures to be accessed by the learner each week. The live lectures are planned almost every Saturday for around 3 hours.
    There are minimum attendance requirements for the lectures. Also, all the participants will have to secure passing marks in the course to obtain a Certificate of Completion. If not, a Certificate of Participation will be awarded to the candidates.
Sr.NO Components Minimum Criteria Certificate Type
1 Live Lecture Attendance Greater Than 70% Certificate of Completion
2 Course Evaluation Greater Than 50% score Certificate of Completion

    If either of the above minimum criteria is not met, then a Certificate of Participation will be awarded.
    Please note that the course fees is not refundable under any circumstances. Also, the course fee is not transferable for any other course on the TCS iON platform or for any other purpose. We will be with you at every step for your upskilling and professional growth needs.
    The price is very attractive and affordable in comparison to other EdTech companies in the market as this is first of a kind product from IIM targeted at students and working professionals. The price includes 3 add-on prep courses which are designed to enhance your learning experience and provide additional resources for your success, along with TCS iON National Proficiency Test where you will get an opportunity for 3 Job Interview Opportunities in this Domain.