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Age 10+ Years Size 16.7 MB Publisher TCS iON Genre 2D Shooter
Duration 12 Mins Graphics 2D Language English Game Type Single Player

About the Game

The world is enveloped by SARS-CoV-2 virus. It doesn’t get any meaner than this. It is all mayhem, but we have a way to counter the menace and arrest the spread of this pandemic. Four safe quadrants are at your disposal for zapping the virus. All you need to do is get your timing right to fire, crack the question, zap the virus and save the world! Sounds too simple? Well, not really, you need to keep zapping until the last virus is gone. The nasty meanie will keep coming back, so don’t forget to shoot from all the quadrants to exhaust the questions. That's one sure way to keep them off for good! But, there's more to the picture. Spin the Wheel to get bonus points on correctly answering a series of questions. Earn the right to power-up for multiple zaps, a quick way to bust the nasty virus and stop its spread. So, want to know how you did? There’s a scoreboard where your laurels rest and your efforts are there for all to see! Want to have another go? Come and set the stage on fire as being the best is the only way. Set the level that will define you and let the challenge unfold. It’s your mission now to make COVID-19 caused by SARS-CoV-2 a history!

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Boosts knowledge on ways to fight the COVID-19 pandemic Form better hygiene practices which can help prevent not just Coronavirus but also improve general health standards Helps build empathy


Earn power-ups to zap the virus faster and faster Spin the Wheel and get rewarded with bonus points Score 80% and above to become a COVID-19 zapper