About the Assessment

TCS iON Certification - FY23 H2 is an assessment to assess your competencies and knowledge of:

  1. Usage of TCS iON Assessment, Education, Manufacturing products with their latest updates
  2. TCS iON products relevant to your role and solutions you ought to know
  3. Processes pertinent to your role
  4. Awareness of Data Privacy

The assessment has questions based on the functionalities of the TCS iON solutions such as fields and features. Few questions are specific to the roles and appear only to the respective users. TCS iON Certification - FY23 H2 will be conducted in two modes,

  1. LAN Based Assessment (LBA) for Operations teams - Candidates need to visit the assessment centre and appear for the assessment.
  2. Online Remote Proctored Assessment (RPA) for Non Operations teams - Candidates need to take the assessment online on a camera enabled desktop/laptop, where they will be remotely proctored through the camera.

After registration, the TCS iON Certification - FY23 H2 course will be available in My Dashboard as study material for the exam.

About TCS iON Academy
  • Session
  • Duration: 70 Minutes
  • Language
  • English
  • Assessment Format
  • Remote Proctored Assessment (RPA)

Who would benefit?

  • For TCS iON associates, this assessment is applicable to roles such as GTM, Delivery, Project Managers, Activation, Configuration and so on.
  • The FY23 assessment is applicable to TCS iON units for roles in SP1, SP2, SP3, PES1, GTM1, GTM2, PPSU‑DA, PPSU-IP, PP-Learning Products, Confidential Content, Content Development, Higher Education, School Education, Vocational Education, SMB Education and Skilling, and the GTM6-Manufacturing Unit.
  • For TCS iON customers eligible for the assessment, it covers the areas that have been informed to them beforehand.


  • The associate should be a TCS iON user, who is aware of the existing processes and features of TCS iON products and solutions relevant to the TCS iON unit they belong to.
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Key Features

Get access to a self-paced course with syllabus for preparation

Get familiar with the functions and features of TCS iON products, based on your roles and responsibilities

Become a certified user of TCS iON products

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About Certification

You will get a participation certificate for completing this certification. Please click on the image below to view the sample certificate.

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