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TCS iON DIGITAL MANUFACTURING SOLUTIONS Enhanced Visibility into Organization Processes.
Complete Integrated Business Process Automation Solution on Cloud.

Indian Manufacturing industry is becoming a truly global business with networked supply chains, distribution systems and customer channels. There is a rapid evolution in business models: from the traditional B2B to B2B2C. As the manufacturing industry is driven by the need for simplification, usage-based business models, mass customization, regulatory compliance, and the concept of one manufacturing and marketing, there is intense focus on driving differentiation through product innovation and better customer experience.

It is important to build a connected organization, which leverages information at each stage and eliminates common challenges faced by industry such as – inefficient planning, due to lack of visibility into historical data, reduced profitability because of poor inventory management, low customer satisfaction due to inconsistencies in sales fulfillments, statutory and financial non-compliance due to ineffective data management. Success of every manufacturing unit depends on meticulous planning, effective-day-to-day monitoring of procurement, production, sales, and finance divisions and keeping close watch on market trends.


TCS iON Digital Manufacturing Solutions help businesses meet organization requirements from product engineering to customer sales, and from the shop floor to the top floor. Several manufacturers across industries (micro-verticals - General Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Chemical, FMCG & Food, Plastics, Metal and Steel, Electrical, Casting & Forging and Trading) build stronger businesses through our experience and expertise.

Tata Consultancy Services’ TCS iON Digital Manufacturing Solutions helps organizations digitize, automate, and integrate enterprise-wide functions and processes. It is a single window IT solution with a pre-integrated suite of software and support services. The solution consolidates multiple applications to provide a comprehensive view of the business, enabling improved processes and better outcomes.

TCS iON Digital Manufacturing solutions integrates enterprise-wide functions to provide organizations a holistic view of geographically spread business processes. The solution helps companies identify patterns in price and usage variances to help plan procurement and production capacities dynamically. It streamlines and optimizes procurement operations by automating purchase requisition, payment processing and enabling bulk procurement, mandatory taxation, pricing, excise, export, import and standardized procedures. It also enables tracking of costs and revenues per product across locations and monitors the byproducts generated during production to maximize the utilization of raw materials. The solution facilitates regulatory compliance management by performing quality checks at every stage of the production process and generating corresponding certificate of analysis (CoA) Organizations can identify loss-making products with the help of this solution, thereby improving the quality of budgeting decisions and ensuring the realization of returns on investment.

Introduction to TCS iON Digital Manufacturing Solutions - Business Suite

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Digital Manufacturing
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