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The pharmaceutical industry in India is faced with challenges such as cheap imports and increased scrutiny from US FDA. As a result, the industry requires a balanced mix of imported and domestically purchased active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), efficient supply chain management and on-going R&D.

The TCS iON Digital Manufacturing Solution is a domain-centric, analytics-driven cloud solution which offers offers an integrated view of operations across the organization.


The TCS iON Digital Manufacturing Solution for the pharmaceutical industry helps:

The integrated solution keeps initial investments low, reduces costs, and improves profitability.


The Indian pharmaceutical industry is under intense pressure, with margins being eroded in bulk drugs and generics, competition from domestic as well as global players, and higher costs of managing regulations. Additionally, changes in health patterns, fundamental research, and new manufacturing process technologies have all led to higher costs and longer lead times for new product launches at a global level.

A competitive pharmaceutical organization needs to have a focused approach towards drug development, optimizing R&D processes, and increasing customer loyalty. The company's business processes, and support systems must be agile enough to allow rapid response to price pressures with complex contracts and rebates, while ensuring compliance with quality and regulatory requirements. The underlying IT infrastructure must include future-ready, proven solutions that can scale up to meet the company's growth plans without being capital intensive.


TCS iON Digital Manufacturing Solutions - Business Suite for the Pharmaceutical Industry, an innovative domain centric cloud based Business Process Automation (ERP) solution that integrates hardware, network, software, and services to address your IT requirements in a cost-effective manner. Feature-rich, scalable, and analytics driven, the TCS iON Digital Manufacturing Solutions - Business Suite for the Pharmaceutical Industry gives you an integrated bird's eye view of all operations across the organization, enabling not just efficient procurement, but also maintaining the right level of inventory and lead time, Expiry date and shelf life tracking, Generation of Certificate of Analysis (COA), Tracking of by-products and co-products, Job work tracking, Multi-level BOM creation, Material Requirement Planning, Min-max planning, License tracking, Quality test or retest, thus facilitating a competitive advantage in the industry.

TCS iON Digital Manufacturing Solutions - Business Suite for Pharmaceutical Industry

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