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Automotive component manufacturers need to improve operational efficiencies and implement best-in-class shop floor practices- to meet high quality standards and ensure faster turn-around and JIT delivery. These parameters need to be met even while working on high volumes.


The TCS iON Digital Manufacturing Solution for the automotive component industry helps:

Achieve easier billing and reduce costs by simplifying your finance and accounting processes and improve accountability through in-built approval workflows. The integrated solution provides control and enables transparency for effective management of both development and support functions.


Current challenges in the automotive component industry include the need for faster turnaround times and Just in Time (JIT) delivery. The industry is witnessing a paradigm shift to a buyer’s market – time-bound orders tend to carry no limitations on quantity and manufacturers operate at thin margins and high volumes. Operational efficiencies are essential to stay competitive in this scenario. Additionally, export markets demand global standards of quality and on-time delivery.


TCS iON Digital Manufacturing Solution for the Automotive Component Industry is an innovative solution that automates Product Planning and Control (PPC) process. The solution integrates all the functions of the organisation allowing them to deliver at a globally competitive level by enabling better inventory management, JIT delivery, Automated Production Planning and Control, Fixed Asset Management, Inventory Location Management, Segregation of duties, Departmental requisition, System controlled tax structure, Inventory Integration, Payment Instructions, User-wise ledger access, Reports on reason for rejection in production, Statutory form tracking, Extranet integration with OEMs, Integration of finance voucher with back statements via auto bank reconsiliation, Auto transfer policies for stock movements, In-process quality control for Goods Inward Note (GIN), production, finished goods, re-test during shipment to improve product quality. Addtionally, it helps reduce costs by enabling faster and leaner production, and also simplifies and automates billing process.

TCS iON Digital Manufacturing Solutions - Business Suite for Automotive Component Industry

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