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Vocational education prepares students to work in the real world. It aims to hone the practical skills of students, which will help them pursue jobs in the fields of their choosing unlike classroom training, where the focus is generally on academics. However, vocational education has not yet evolved enough to effectively address these challenges:

Addressing the Challenges

One way to address these challenges is through technology. Learning platforms not only enable teachers and students to become more proactive but also expose students to global challenges and enable them to get access to education of international standards. They can access high-class course material and connect with leading experts from across the world to enhance their skills. Parents, too, can connect with teachers to assess their ward's performances without physically visiting the campus.

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Mr. Girish Mangla, Managing Director,
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Digital Learning A collaborative learning platform that provides an incremental and interactive learning environment for better learning outcomes.
Digital Campus A suite of offerings catering to academic events, mapped to the specific departments of an institution.
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