Digital Learning

Enabling a Collaborative Learning Environment

iON Digital Learning is a collaborative learning platform that helps improve learning outcomes: Our outcome based educational eco-system for organisations enables.

  • Complete learning experience through access to learning plans, assessments, assignments, and evaluations
  • Creation and delivery of quality learning content
  • Industry relevance through learning aids
  • Easy and instant communication and streamlined interactions among stakeholders
multi-Stakeholder collabration
Learning management system

Digital Learning combines

Three main features to augment collaborative learning
Communication tools

Our Value Proposition

The Learning Practice Framework

Our intuitive unified platform is based on the 3E Learning Practice Framework of "Empower, Excel and Engage" designed for relevance and outcomes. It also helps you:

  • Improve curriculum relevance and enhance teaching effectiveness by providing in-depth analytical insights.
  • Facilitate centralised governance for the administrator.
  • Enable instructors to optimise their in-class sessions and improve their efficiency to drive higher learning outcomes.
  • Enable learners to access learning materials and interact with peers and instructors on the go.
  • Promote outcome based education in a smart, secure, IP protected manner.

Our Stakeholders

Our stakeholders are actively engaged in Digital Learning communities and courses. They enable us to develop new applications every day and bring incremental value to the table.

Our key stakeholders include institutions, their academic heads, corporate organisations, publishers, Faculty Assessments, administrators, leaders who are experts in their subjects or industries, teachers, students, parents, and academic heads.

Our Success Stories

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