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In-class Evaluation
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Introduction to Digital Learning
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Overview of Communities
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Bharathiar University
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Placement Communication
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Power Clendar

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Administrators Manual
Learn how as an administrator you can leverage the platform to improve learning outcomes in your organisation.
Instructors Manual:
Learn how as an instructor you can leverage iON Digital Learning to enhance the learning experience for learners.
Learners Manual
Learn how as a learner you can collaborate with peers and use the platform to improve your subject matter knowledge with help from faculty and experts.
Partners Manual
Learn how as a partner you can make use of the platform to achieve your goal of reaching to learners.
Teacher handbook assignment
Learn how you can create and deliver assignments, projects to your learners.
Teacher handbook communications
Reach out to your learners to engage them for effective learning.
Teacher handbook engagement
Engage your learners for peer connect and collaboration leading to better outcomes.
Teacher Handbook Lesson Planning
Learn how you can create and deliver courses.
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