Online learning communities lead to experiential learning, but with two critical elements –
  • Human intervention to maintain user engagement
  • Moderation for directed, quality interactions

Digital Learning volunteering program aims to address these two key requirements in its communities, with two categories of volunteers -

  • Digital Learning Mentors - Experts drawn from academic
  • Digital Learning Corps - Corporate experts
Benefits for Volunteers
Volunteers would have extensive opportunities to network and share their expertise and contribute towards learning excellence. iON Digital Learning teams would engage with the volunteers through a series of initiatives including:
  • Free Community of Digital Learning Corps, Digital Learning Mentors
  • Free Training and first to know series of training for all new releases
  • Networking with educational leaders and TCS Management
  • Participation in Digital Learning awards process
  • Participation in product research activities
  • Opportunity to run workshops and publish papers
  • Bootcamps

Volunteers would receive iON certificates and merchandise for their contribution

Levels of Program
There would be two categories for the volunteer in program
  • Fresh – Volunteers with less than 5 years of experience
  • Experienced – Volunteers with more than 5 years of experience

Based on their interactions in communities, the rating they get from users and their contribution to Digital Learning initiatives, the volunteers would progress in a rating scale.

Volunteers are identified through email requests or proactive identification by TCS iON Teams. The nominations received are validated with the institutions they belong to. iON Digital Learning team reviews and approves volunteers and they are onboarded and trained

Interested in Volunteering? Write to Us (ion.office@tcsion.com )

More details of the Volunteering Program (Click here)

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