Harnessing Technology to Improve Student Outcomes

By iON Digital Learning Team on 25th Sep 2015

Students who graduate with good grades don't always bring the desired employability skills to the table. According to the Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) 20141, primary and middle school students are unable to read simple English or do basic math such as subtraction and division. The same report states that only 46.8 percent of grade eight students could read simple sentences. This ultimately affects employability levels at graduation stage.

Experts suggest that student outcomes can be enhanced by:

Re-imagining the assessment model

Traditionally, assessments are conducted at the end of a term, and are designed to rank students, build teacher accountability, and improve instructional methodology. However, students do not quite benefit from this model as they are promoted to the next term without an opportunity to make learning improvements.

On the other hand, regular assessments spanning the course of the curriculum help teachers identify individual areas of improvement and right teaching strategies to improve student learning. This evaluation model helps students close learning gaps and focus on learning objectives. A right mix of quizzes and assignments are ideal, although it can be time consuming, tedious, and challenging to conduct these evaluations manually and share personalised feedback with students. Technology can help address these challenges.

A shared environment with extensive aids and activities provide augmented learning opportunities for students and development opportunities for teachers. Students and teachers can also benefit from knowledge sharing, best practices, peer learning, and practical orientation through interactions with other educational institutions and industry experts. However, this may be challenging given time and other resource constraints.

Online assessment tools enable you to create, deliver, and evaluate regular assessments for course corrections and improved student outcomes. Using technology for assessments can help:

iON Digital Learning is a collaborative learning platform that helps institutes encourage incremental learning and improve participant learning outcomes. The solution helps create, deliver, and control a variety of assessments and assignments that support all the above mention features. The collaborative platform helps improve knowledge sharing and peer interaction, enables access to multiple content modes, and provides faculty support.

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