An Opportunity for National Progress

By Ms. Sudeshna Chakraborty, Manav Rachna Vidyantariksha (MRVPL) on 20th Sep 2015

Delivering skills-training to a geographically widely-distributed population in a cost-effective manner naturally points to online education. In a country where Internet cafes are ubiquitous even in remote areas, and the population is becoming increasingly net-savvy, bringing skill-education to each citizen's doorstep is a realistic goal.

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The Conveyor Belt Approach: Limiting Creativity and Innovation

By iON Digital Learning Team on 7th Oct 2015

To get a driver's licence you not only have to pass the driving test but also the road signs test. In essence, one needs to demonstrate one's;theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills to obtain any kind of certification. This holds true for all professionals: doctors, lawyers, chartered accountants, and so on.

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Harnessing Technology to Improve Student Outcomes

By iON Digital Learning Team on 25th Sep 2015

Students who graduate with good grades don't always bring the desired employability skills to the table. According to the Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) 20141, primary and middle school students are unable to read simple English or do basic math such as subtraction and division. The same report states that only 46.8 percent of grade eight students could read simple sentences. This ultimately affects employability levels at graduation stage.

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Augmenting Skill Development in India

By iON Digital Learning Team on 20th Sep 2015

According to the Boston Consulting Group report, 60 percent of the 1.3 billion Indian population is likely to be in the working age bracket by the year 2020. This would result in a surplus of active population in India (15-59 years old), that would be more than the rest of the world combined. Even China would experience a net loss of 10 million in active population. Going by these estimates, India's human resources could be the only hope for nations lacking active population for employment purposes. India is blessed with an unmatched demographic dividend gearing for economic development and skill export opportunities.

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