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1). The examination rooms/hall will be opened 30 minutes before the commencement of the test. Candidates should take their seat immediately after opening of the examination all. If the candidates do not report in time, they are likely to miss some of the general instructions to be announced in the Examination Hall.
2). The candidate must show, on demand, the Admit Card for admission in the examination room/hall. A candidate who does not possess the Admit Card issued by the Board shall not be permitted for the examination under any circumstances by the Centre Superintendent.
3). A seat indicating roll number will be allocated to each candidate. Candidates should find and occupy their allotted seat only. Any candidate found to have changed room or the seat on his/her own other than allotted, his/her candidature shall be cancelled and no plea would be accepted for it.
4). A candidate who comes after the commencement of the examination shall not be permitted to sit in the examination.
5). Candidates are not allowed to carry any textual material, Calculators, Docu Pen, Slide Rules, Log Tables, and Electronic Watches with facilities of calculator, printed or written material, bits of papers, mobile phone, pager or any other device, except the Admit Card and Blue/ Black Ball Point pen inside the Examination Room/Hall. If any candidate is in possession of any of the above item, his/her candidature will be treated as unfairmeans and cancel the current examination & also debarred the candidate for future examination(s) & the material will be seized.
6). No candidate, without the special permission of the Centre Superintendent or the Invigilator concerned, will leave his/her seat or Examination Room until the full duration of the paper is over. Candidates should not leave the room/hall without handing over their Answer Sheets to the Invigilator on duty.
7). Candidates are advised to bring with them a cardboard or a clip board on which nothing should be written, so that they have no difficulty in writing responses in the Answer Sheet even if the tables provided in the examination room/hall do not have smooth surface. They should also bring their own Ball Point Pens (Black/Blue) of good quality. These will not be supplied by the Board.
8). Smoking in the Examination Hall/Room is strictly prohibited.
9). Tea, coffee, cold drinks or snacks are not allowed to be taken into the examination rooms during examination hours.
10). Ten minutes before the commencement of the paper, each candidate will be given sealed Test Booklet with an Answer Sheet placed inside it.
11). Immediately on receipt of the Test Booklet the candidates will fill in the required particulars on the cover page of the Test Booklet with Ball Point Pen only. He/She will not open the Test Booklet until asked to do so by the Invigilator. Do not open/break the seal before the announcement.


12). Five minutes before the commencement of the paper the candidate will be asked to break/open the seal of the Test Booklet. He/She will take out the Answer Sheet carefully. The candidate should check carefully that the Test Booklet Code printed on Side-2 of the Answer Sheet is the same as printed on the Test Booklet. In case of discrepancy, the candidate should immediately report the matter to the Invigilator for replacement of both the Test Booklet and the Answer Sheet.
13). Candidate will then write particulars with Blue/Black ball point pen only on both the sides of the Answer Sheet. Use of pencil is strictly prohibited. If anybody uses the pencil, his/her answer sheet will be rejected and no correspondence will be entertained in this regard. After completing this step, the candidates will wait for the signal by the invigilator.
14). The test will start exactly at the time mentioned in the Admit Card and an announcement to this effect will be made by the invigilator.
15). During the examination time, the invigilator will check Admit Card of the candidate to satisfy himself/herself about the identity of each candidate. The invigilator will also put his/her signatures in the place provided in the Answer Sheet on Side-1.
Candidates shall maintain perfect silence and attend to their Question Paper only. Any conversation or gesticulation or disturbance in the Examination Room/Hall shall be deemed as misbehavior. If a candidate is found using unfair means or impersonating, his/her candidature shall be cancelled and he/she will be liable to be debarred for taking examination either permanently or for a specified period according to the nature of offence.
    If any candidate is in possession of any item(s) as mentioned in Para 5 above, his/her candidature for current examination will be cancelled and also liable to be debarred for future examination(s).
17). After completing the paper and before handing over the Answer Sheet, the candidate should check again that all the particulars required in the Answer Sheet have been correctly written.
18). A signal will be given at the beginning of the examination and at half-time. A signal will also be given before the closing time when the candidate must stop marking the responses.
19). The candidate will check that the Test-booklet contains as many number of pages as are written on the top of the first page of the Test Booklet. The candidate shall not remove any page(s) from the Test-Booklet and if he/she is found to have removed any page(s) from his/her Test Booklet, he/she will be presumed to have used unfair means and shall be liable for criminal action.
20). The candidates must sign twice on the Attendance Sheet at the appropriate place. Firstly, immediately after commencement of the Examination and for the second time while handing over the Answer Sheet to the Invigilator. The candidates are also required to put their left hand thumb impression in the space provided in the Attendance Sheet.

B. Instructions for use of Test Booklet and Answer Sheet

1). The candidates will find the Answer Sheet placed inside the sealed Test Booklet. The seal will be broken/ opened by the candidates on the announcement by the invigilator and the Answer Sheet shall be taken out. Do not open/break the seal before the announcement.
2). Side-2 of each Answer Sheet will have a pre-printed Test Booklet Code like A, B, C or D. The candidates are required to check that the Test Booklet Code pre-printed on Side-2 of the Answer Sheet is the same as printed on the Test Booklet.
3). The Answer Sheet used will be of special type which will be scanned on Optical Scanner. There will be two sides of the Answer Sheet.
Side 1 This side of the Answer Sheet contains the following columns which are to be filled in neatly and accurately by the candidate with Blue/Black ball point pen only. Use of pencil is strictly prohibited.
i) Roll Number
ii) Name of the candidate
iii)Father's Name
iv) Centre Number
v) Name of the Examination Centre
vi) Signature of the candidate
Side 2 This side of the Answer Sheet contains the following columns which are also to be filled in by the candidate with Blue/Black Ball Point Pen only. Use of pencil is strictly prohibited.
i) Roll Number
ii) Centre Number
iii) Test Booklet Number


i). Out of four alternatives for each question, only one circle for the correct answer is to be darkened completely with blue/black Ball Point Pen. For example Question No. 008 in the Test Booklet reads as follows:
Qutub Minar is situated in
    (1) Delhi
    (2) Mumbai
    (3) Agra
    (4) Bangalore
    The correct response to this question is (1) Delhi. The candidate will locate Question No. 008 in the Answer Sheet and darken the circle (1) as shown below:
ii). Use Blue or Black Ball Point Pen to completely darken the appropriate circle, i.e. one circle for each entry.
iii). The answer once marked is not liable to be changed. Use of pencil is strictly prohibited. If any candidate use the pencil for darkening the answer sheet, his/her answer sheet will be rejected.
iv). A light or faintly darkened circle is a wrong method of marking and liable to be rejected by the Optical Scanner.
v). If the candidate does not want to attempt any question he/she should not darken the circle given against that question.
vi). Please do not fold the Answer Sheet and do not make any stray marks on it.
The candidate will not do any rough work on the Answer Sheet. All rough work is to be done in the Test Booklet itself.
The candidates must fully satisfy themselves about the accuracy of the answer before darkening the appropriate circle as no change in answer once marked is allowed. Use of eraser or white/correction fluid on the Answer Sheet is not permissible as the Answer Sheets are machine gradable and it may lead to wrong evaluation.
6). Prior to handing over the Answer Sheet soon after the examination is over, the candidate must sign the attendance sheet as a proof thereof. The examinee is permitted to carry the Text Booklet,