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Why Choose Us?

This programme is curated to facilitate learning via projects and practice by using industry tools at practice centres.

Hear from Industry Experts

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5+ Design Tools
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Animate CC
Adobe Autodesk Maya
Foundry Nuke
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Audition
Adobe Premiere
1200+ Hours of Projects and Portfolio Compilation
1+ Month of Remote Internship
50+ Hours of Learning Resources
200+ Hours of Live Lectures by Experts
700+ Hours of Hands-on Practice at Centre
Mentoring by Industry Experts
Community Connect with Experts
End-of-Course Assessments
Digital Certification
TCS iON Placement Assistance
5+ Design Tools
Adobe Photoshop
Foundry Nuke
Adobe Autodesk Maya
3D Equalizer
Adobe After Effects

Programme Overview and Syllabus

Get started on a career in animation film making with the 'Animation Film Making Professional' programme offered by VIZDEM and Toonz Media Group. This programme will equip you with the best-in-class industry practices and techniques like pre-production, production and post-production for creating 2D and 3D animation. Make yourself recognisable with skills in concept art, character designing, storyboarding, animatics, 3D modeling, texturing, rigging, lighting, character animation, effects animation and post-production.

What you will learn in the programme

Learn different aspects of Animation Film Production
Programme 1
Programme 1 Programme 1
Create and Design Film & Game characters in both 2D and 3D
Programme 1
Programme 1 Programme 1
Specialise in modeling, texturing, rigging, lighting, and compositing
Programme 1
Programme 1 Programme 1
Create lifelike and dynamic animations
Programme 1
Programme 1 Programme 1



What you will learn in the programme?

Learn different aspects of Animation Film Production
Programme 1
Programme 1 Programme 1
Create and Design Film & Game characters in both 2D and 3D
Programme 1
Programme 1 Programme 1
Specialise in modeling, texturing, rigging, lighting, and compositing
Programme 1
Programme 1 Programme 1
Create lifelike and dynamic animations
Programme 1
Programme 1 Programme 1

Programme Syllabus

Module 1: History of Animation and Film Appreciation
Module 2: Drawing for Animation
Module 3: Understanding Anatomy for Drawing Characters
Module 4: Understanding Perspective
Module 5: Developing Scripts for Animation
Module 6: Concept Art Development
Module 7: Storyboarding
Module 8: Animatics
Module 9: Introduction to Vector Graphics
Module 10: Introduction to Raster Graphics
Module 11: Digital 2D Animation
Module 12: Digital Compositing
Module 13: Sound Editing
Module 14: Digital Video Editing
Module 15: Introduction to 3D
Module 16: 3D Asset Creation (BG and Props Modeling)
Module 17: 3D Asset Creation (Character Modeling)
Module 18: 3D Asset Creation (Texturing and Surfacing)
Module 19: 3D Asset Creation (Rigging and Character Setup)
Module 20: Basic Character Animation
Module 21: Advanced Character Animation - 1
Module 22: Advanced Character Animation - Dialogue Animation
Module 23: Effects Animation
Module 24: Lighting, Rendering and Compositing

Student's/Alumni Projects and Portfolio

Meet Your Mentors


  • Interested learners can contact the LSP (Local Service Provider) Centre as information provided in the 'Find Your Centre' list.
  • LSP Centre will guide interested learners on the admission process.
  • On completion of admission process with the centre, the centre shares the activation code and website link with the candidates to activate the course on TCS iON portal (
  • The candidates click on the website link, login and see ‘Activate Now/Activate Code' button on the product banner.
  • The candidates click on 'Activate Now/Activate Code’ button and key in the requested activation code shared by the LSP Centre/publisher on mail.
  • Once activated, the candidates can see the activated course in their ‘My Dashboard’ section.
  • Young aspirants who have passed 12th grade and would like to pursue a career in Animation Film Making can join this learning programme. This programme is envisaged to help learners build a strong career in 2D and 3D Animation through online expert sessions, mentored practice sessions at the centre, assignments, live projects, and assessments including hands-on learning with studio projects using Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Animate CC, Adobe Autodesk Maya, Foundry Nuke, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Audition, Adobe Premiere.
  • Students get one-to-one mentoring from Industry Experts on work portfolio to apply their skills and showcase their work, and a chance to earn an internship spot with the award winning Toonz Animation Studio.
    There are no prerequisites. Anyone who meets the eligibility criteria can join this learning programme. It is good to have basic drawing, visualisation skills, knowledge of computers and windows operating system. Creative skills like drawing, sketching, painting, photography and a strong passion for storytelling and films would be an added advantage.
  • A LSP (Local Service Provider) Centre is the authorised training centre approved by Toonz Academy, which is located nearest to your location. It is a facility to help you with more information on the programme and support you with the admission process.
  • The LSP Centre will also facilitate lectures and hands-on/practical part of the learning programme. Learners will have to visit the centre to take online live lectures and practical sessions as per the schedule shared with them. These will be mentored sessions by experts from VIZDEM and Toonz Academy.
  • Click on 'Find Your Centre' on the website banner to see the list of centres. You can choose the nearest centre and contact them for admission or to receive more information.
    The admission process will be done at the LSP Centre. However, you need to make the payment online as guided by the LSP Centre.
    Visual Wizards Academy and Toonz Media Group are the owners of this programme. This course is designed and delivered by Visual Wizards Academy and Toonz Media Group, who have extensive experience in this field and are regarded as one of the best in the industry.
    This programme is powered by the TCS iON learning platform. TCS iON will host all the online content and manage the delivery and engagement part of the programme to give learners a world-class learning experience.
    It is recommended to have a personal computer to go through the online content, attend live lectures as per schedule, revisit recordings of sessions and work on projects given as a part of hands-on learning and practice. As this programme covers mentored practice sessions at the centre with experts, the required computers and infrastructure will only be available at the centre as per the scheduled sessions.
    Please Note: Computers/Laptops at the centre will not be allowed to be taken home.
    The softwares covered in this programme are Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Audition, Adobe Autodesk Maya and Foundry Nuke. Learners will be able to download the softwares from the internet through a link provided to them in the induction email. The licence keys to activate the softwares will also be provided in the email, so that the learners use the authentic version of the software and have a world-class hands-on learning experience. These softwares will readily be available in the computers provided at the centre.
    The programme includes online live sessions, practical sessions at the centre, recorded videos, recordings of live sessions, reading material, community-based interactions and hands-on learning experience using online designing tools. A 'Programme Calendar' will be shared with the learners on the learning portal, which will provide the details of all scheduled live lectures and practical sessions at the centre.
    Toonz Academy's Animation Film Making programme offers a versatile skill set, opening doors to dynamic careers across animation, gaming, visual effects, advertising, e-learning, and AR/VR industries. Graduates can excel as animators, storyboard artists, and directors in animation; contribute to game design and character creation in the gaming sector; create stunning visual effects in the film industry; and craft engaging content for advertising agencies. The programme also prepares professionals for roles in e-learning, shaping educational animations and content. Furthermore, graduates can explore opportunities in the rapidly evolving fields of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), contributing to immersive experiences and simulations across various sectors. This comprehensive programme ensures that graduates are well-equipped for diverse roles, making a significant impact in the ever-expanding landscape of creative and technological industries.
    70% attendance for scheduled live lectures on the learning platform and practical sessions at the centre is mandatory for the programme completion. Also, learners will have to complete 100% of the course content on the learning portal to take the final assessment.
    It is recommended to complete the programme during the scheduled time period. In case of any break in the learning progress, the learner will need to purchase the programme again.
    You will be working on different types of animation projects like Storyboarding, 2D and 3D Character Designing for Films and Games, Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, Lighting, Compositing for Animation Films.
  • The programme includes two sets of assessments: Intermediate and Final.
    1. Intermediate Assessments: These are module-wise assessments, quizzes/assignments that are planned at regular intervals through the entire programme duration. The end-of-module assignment, final project and personal portfolio will have weightage in the final summative score of this programme.
    2. Final Assessment: Final assessment will be conducted at end of the learning programme.
  • There will be a Remote Proctored MCQ Test of 100 Marks and learners will have to score 60% marks to pass the assessment. The duration of this assessment will be 1 hour.
  • There will be a Final Project and Personal Portfolio Submission at the end of the programme and learners need to secure a minimum of 60% marks to pass the final assessment.
  • Please Note: Learners need to secure 60% marks in MCQ Test, Final Project, and Personal Portfolio to complete the course and get the certification. If the learner is not able to clear the exam at the first attempt, a reattempt can only be given in special cases, on discretion of VIZDEM and Toonz Media Group or the learner will have to purchase the course again.
  • Learners should have 70% attendance for live lecture sessions.
  • Completion of all course nodes (including internal assessments and assignments).
  • Successful completion of summative/final assessment and projects (as applicable).
  • The following is the performance grade structure for the final assessment for this programme:
      1. 80% and Higher: Grade A
      2. 70% to < 79.9 %: Grade B
      3. 60% to < 69.99%: Grade C
      4. 0.0% to < 59.99%: Grade D - Fail
  • Learners who have not cleared/appeared for the summative assessments will fail the course and will not be able to get the certificate.
  • This programme is designed in consultation with our academic and industry SMEs to ensure that the skills and competencies covered are relevant and makes the learner job ready.
  • The programme emphasises on both conceptual and hands-on practice and complimented with internship opportunities in industry, as applicable.
  • Remote or on-site Internship opportunities will be made available, as applicable. This is subject to available opportunities and policies of the companies.
  • Access to employment opportunities is subject to available vacancies and hiring policies of the companies.
    Once the payment is made, no refund will be issued under any circumstances.
    Yes. Learners need to complete the final project and personal portfolio assigned to them as a part of the course.