Hospital Operations Executive

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Hospital Operations Executives are the key resources in supervising day-to-day operations of hospital infrastructure and facilities.

    • Potential Job Opportunities

      10,000+ job opportunities across various hospitals

    • Earning Potential

      Potential to earn an average salary of ₹ 2 LPA to ₹ 4 LPA

    • Employment Sector

      Hospitals, Diagnostic Centres, Home Healthcare Centres, Medical Tourism Centres, Telemedicine Centres and others

    Potential Career Path
    Quality Assistant
    Inventory Auditor
    Operations Manager

    Course Details

    • Commencement Date
    • Duration 250 hours
    • Language English
    • Eligibility Criteria Diploma/Graduates
      Minimum Age: 18 Years
    • Assessment
      • Multiple intermediate assessments and one final assessment leading to certification.
      • Final assessment date will be announced, 1 month in advance.
      • NA
      • NA
    • Total Credits NA
      Lecture Credits NA
      Practical Credits NA
    • Course Format Online (Self-paced + Live Lectures)

    What you will learn in the course

    Management Concepts
    Basics of Financial Management
    Problem Solving Skills
    Negotiation Techniques
    Biomedical Waste Management
    Quality Accreditation

    Course Summary

    Executives in the hospital management and patient-care sector play a vital role in the frontline workforce category. They bridge the gap between the clinical, non-clinical and administrative procedures in the hospital that complement the efforts of the hospital management team to ensure better patient-care delivery at all times and at every step. Hospital Operations Executives best understand the quality standards to be maintained in the hospital using technology, clinical aspects and also the financial implications.

    This course will help learners build their career as a Customer Relations Executive, Patient Services Executive, Outpatient Services Executive and Inpatient Services Executive.

    Key Skills:

    • In-depth understanding of Healthcare procedures and regulations
    • Basic Accounting Skills
    • Problem Solving Attitude
    • Digital Skills

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    Course Syllabus

    The course syllabus will be delivered through a combination of learning resources, live lectures, on-the-job training (OJT) and community-based interactions.

      Hospital Administration keeps the hospital running efficiently, coordinates with the key departments, reports and supervises on day-to-day activities and updates.
      Hospital quality measures and standards, improving care delivery and means of enhancing patient outcomes, enhancing inter-service quality of different patient groups on both functional and technical aspects.
      Learn digital skills including computer literacy for understanding digital applications, telemedicine, and insurance for facilities in a hospital environment.
      Clinical Management imparts training on elements including patient satisfaction, billing, accounting and appointment management.
      Understand accounting and financial management, general terms and tax laws that apply to both individuals and healthcare businesses.

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      • Candidates must apply on OR before the application closure date.
      • Verification of candidate details will be done by Academic Partner.
      • If the application is approved, candidates will receive an approval notification via email.
      • In case the application gets rejected, candidates would not be able to enrol for the programme.
      • If there is any information missing in the application form, candidates would be asked to edit/fill the application form with missed out information and resubmit.
      • Approved candidates will receive the Activation Code from their respective institutions to activate the course.
      • The learning programme will be added to learner’s dashboard subject to successful payment and activation.