Finishing Skills for Nursing Excellence (FINE)

A Comprehensive Upskilling Course for Nurses

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Nurses play a critical role in health promotion, disease prevention, and delivering primary and community care.

    • Potential Job Opportunities

      9 million job opportunities globally

    • Earning Potential

      Potential to earn an average salary of ₹ 2.4 LPA to ₹ 3.5 LPA for beginners

    • Employment Sector

      Hospitals, Diagnostic Centres, Home Healthcare, Medical Tourism and so on.

    Potential Career Path
    Clinical Instructor
    Nurse Educator
    Advanced Nurse Practitioner

    Course Details

    • Commencement Date
    • Duration 288 hours
    • Language English
    • Eligibility Criteria Diploma in General Nursing & Midwifery (GNM), B.Sc./Post Basic B.Sc./M.Sc. in Nursing
      Minimum Age: 22 Years
    • Assessment
      • Multiple intermediate assessments, one final assessment and clinical assessment leading to certification.
      • Final assessment date will be announced, 1 month in advance.
      • NA
      • NA
    • Total Credits NA
      Lecture Credits NA
      Practical Credits NA
    • Course Format Blended with online Live Lectures and Hands-on Learning at Learning and Assessment (L&A) Centre

    What you will learn in the course

    Quality, Standards and Accreditation in Healthcare
    Patient Safety and Patient Satisfaction
    Life–saving Procedures and Handling of Emergency Situations
    Drug Dosage Calculations
    Care of Vulnerable Patients
    Clinical Communication

    Course Summary

    In most countries nurses and midwives form the bulk of the clinical health workforce, developing and strengthening human resources for health means recognising that nursing and midwifery services play a vital role in improving health service delivery. Healthcare sector has a huge demand for the freshly graduated nurses who have the skills and potential to perform to achieve patient care standards from day one of their professional journey.

    Our training programme - FINE, prepares the freshly graduated nurses for healthcare sector jobs with knowledge and skills that can enable them to demonstrate from the day of deployment on the floor. This programme is designed for supporting the healthcare sector with right resources.

    Key Skills:

    • Clinical skills for patient care
    • Quality care and patient safety standards
    • Clinical communication
    • Digital skills in healthcare

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    Course Syllabus

    The course syllabus will be delivered through a combination of learning resources, live lectures, community-based interactions, on-the-job training and hands-on experience at L&A Centres, as applicable.

      Refine the skills and abilities that every nurse must possess to perform the duties related to patient care in order to promote, maintain and restore the health of patients.
      Master quality care and patient safety standards that are vital for effective patient care.
      Develop essential soft skills that shapes a nurse into a professional.
      Learn to access data and information more easily and improve quality and outcomes of Health and care.

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    1. What is the application process for the programme? +
      • Candidates must apply on OR before the application closure date.
      • Verification of candidate details will be done by Academic Partner.
      • If the application is approved, candidates will receive an approval notification via email.
      • In case the application gets rejected, candidates would not be able to enrol for the course.
      • If there is any information missing in the application form, candidates would be asked to edit/fill the application form with missed out information and resubmit.
      • Approved candidates will receive the Activation Code from their respective institutions to activate the course.
      • The learning programme will be added to learner’s dashboard subject to successful payment and activation.