Access your current level in DevOps

  • The result of the quiz will determine the level to begin.
  • The Quiz contains 12 questions. All questions are mandatory.
  • You will be able to reattempt the quiz after 6 months.

Access your current level in DevOps

  1. Which type of projects we can create in Jenkins?

  2. Specify the essential practice of DevOps.

  3. What is the essential feature afforded by Git?

  4. Which kubeadm command is used to initialize the first cluster and the master node for your cluster?

  5. Identify the type of facts that we use in Puppet.

  6. Which of the following element do we need to configure to be able to setup and build Continuous delivery pipelines?

  7. When referring to an application crash or a database connectivity issue, which of the stage of the Chaos Engineering principal is being referred?

  8. You are using DevOps for software development. You want to use a delivery method in which you can replicate the entire existing infrastructure for a shorter period of time. You also want to retain the old infrastructure until the testing is not completed of the new replicated infrastructure. You also want to ensure that the old infrastructure is retained until the new one is fully adopted. Which of the following type of delivery methods in DevOps are you using?

  9. You need to build an artifact repository on a server in a local datacenter. You want to have the capability of a multi-server artifact repository. Which of the following tool should you download and configure?

  10. You are going to be using BitBucket for building a pipeline. You log onto the BitBucket website. What must you create before you start to create a pipeline?

  11. In google cloud, you want to have visibility into security and compliance status across the infrastructure. Which of the following tool should you use?

  12. Examine a scenario in which you have installed Microsoft Azure CLI. You have also logged onto your account in Azure. To use DevOps, you execute the following command:
    az DecOps
    You are prompted with the following error:
    az DecOps: error: the following arguments are required: _subcommand
    What could be the issue?