Access your current level in Cloud Development

  • The result of the quiz will determine the level to begin.
  • The Quiz contains 12 questions. All questions are mandatory.
  • You will be able to reattempt the quiz after 6 months.

Access your current level in Cloud Development

  1. You have built a new project with Angular CLI. You want to run the built-in Webserver on the default port to view the project. Which command would be most appropriate to meet your goal?

  2. You want to use a distributed multi-modal database service that enables you to elastically and independently scale throughout and storage across a number of Azure agents worldwide. Which of the following database service should you use?

  3. You have configured a backend server to a MEAN application. You need to start the application with database. You need to ensure that required services start in order and successfully. Which of the following service should you start first?

  4. To connect to a database on MongoDB Atlas, you have created following files for connectivity with the database:
    server.js,defcault.json, and db.js
    The default json file contains the MongoDB URI with the user credentials.
    When you attempt to connect, you get the following error:
    bad auth Authentication failed
    What should you do?

  5. While developing a MERN application, you need to configure jsonwebtoken authentication. Which file should you use for this purpose?

  6. While creating a MERN app, you have included the following code in the index.html file:
    <script src=“” crossorigin=“anonymous”<
    What will you achieve this code statement?

  7. Which of the following tool is used by Google Kubernates Engine (GKE) for logging and monitoring Kubernetes?

  8. Your organisation had adopted the multi-cloud strategy. Which of the following benefit is the organization likely to gain?

  9. You need to deploy a web application in the cloud environment. You want to ensure that the user's requests are sent to the nearest serving cloud component. Which type of pattern in CloudOps should you use?

  10. You have an Azure Active Directory configured for your organisation. You also have several other applications such as Office 365 and Intune, that are being used. In a few instances, you need to provide administrative access to a few users in Office 365 application. However you do not want them to give permanent access. You need to provide solution that requires minimal administrative effort. What should you do?

  11. You have small network configured in the cloud environment. You notice that there are several failed login attempts on one of the public servers. You suspect that someone is attempting to break into the servers. You want to understand more about this attack. What kind of mitigation method should you use to know more about this attack?

  12. On Amazon AWS, you need to configure a single-tier and public-facing Web application. Which type of VPC configuration will be appropriate in this scenario?