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Access your current level in AIML

  1. Which kind of agent environment is a crossword puzzle?

  2. Which is not a type of machine learning?

  3. Which is a challenge of deep neural networks?

  4. What is Q-value?

  5. Which of the following programming language is considered to be most useful in developing artificial intelligence algorithms?

  6. Which best describes reinforcement machine learning?

  7. Select the typical implementations of artificial intelligence.

  8. What is likely to be returned with the following command?

  9. You have the following Keras code:
    1. tf.keras.layers.Dense(
    2. units,
    3. activation=None,
    4. use_bias=True,
    5. kernel_initializer=“glorot_uniform”,
    6. bias_initializer=“zeros”,
    7. kernel_regularizer=None,
    8. bias_regularizer=None,
    9. activity_regularizer=None,
    10. kernel_constraint=None,
    11. bias_constraint=None,
    12. **kwargs
    13. )

    Which of the following core layer is being used?

  10. You need to create a datasource in Amazon ML. Which type of input data should you create first?

  11. For the Estimator stage, which method is called to produce a Transformer, which becomes the part of the fitted pipeline?

  12. In the given code, which type of layer is being defined?
    1. tf.keras.layers.MazPooling1D(
    2. pool_size=2, strides=None, padding=“valid”, data_format=“channels_last”, **kwargs
    3. )