DevOps enhances coordination between development and IT operations, effecting quicker and more authentic software delivery. DevOps shorten the development life cycle and enables consistent software delivery with high quality.


increase in DevOps jobs on job portals (Source: DataQuest)

~7 LPA

is the average salary of a DevOps Engineer (Source: Glassdoor)


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DevOps help overcome any barrier between software programmers, testers, QA and IT operations. DevOps Engineers use tools and development strategies to guarantee that the applications are developed proficiently. They play an important part in each phase of the development cycle, from ideation to execution and maintenance. Here is what you can look forward to in terms of career and job prospects.

Expected growth rate of 20.7%

Global DevOps market from 2022-2028(Source: Absolute Reports)

US$ 26,370 million

Projected global DevOps market size by 2028(Source: Absolute Reports)

50% increase

In the mentions of DevOps as a skill on LinkedIn(Source: DataQuest)

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