Data Analysis is the process of cleaning, changing and processing raw data and extracting actionable information that helps businesses make informed decisions. It helps companies better understand their customers, develop products, evaluate their ad campaigns and more.


million Data Science jobs will be created globally by 2026 (Source: The Economic Times)

5.95 LPA

is the average salary of a Data Analyst (Source: Glassdoor)


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Data Analysts are one of the most in-demand roles and can earn extremely well. Data Analysts have the opportunity to contribute to the decision-making process which can lead to opportunities in managerial positions. Here is what you can look forward in terms of career and job prospects.

Expected growth rate at 13.5%

Global Data Analytics market size from 2021-2030 (Source: Allied Market Research)

66% of companies

Had data-driven decision-making throughout Europe and the United States in 2021(Source:

Number 1 job role

Data Scientist and Analyst will become the number one emerging job role in the world (Source: The Economic Times)

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