Introduction to IoT and its Application

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Duration: 8 Weeks

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The course covers the building blocks of Internet of Things (IoT) and their characteristics. A taxonomy of IoT systems is discussed comprising of various IoT levels with increasing levels of complexity. Domain specific Internet of Things and their real world applications are described. A generic design methodology for IoT is proposed and an IoT system management approach using NETCONF-YANG is explained in this course.

This course will help you learn how to use Raspberry Pi. In the classroom sessions, you will learn how to use these protocols with other external devices (sensors, motors, GPS, orientation, LCD screens and more) to get your IoT device to interact with the real world. The basic design of a sensor-actuator system will also be covered. You will also learn to build more hardware systems using Raspberry Pi expansion boards to create fun and exciting IoT devices. There are assignments at the end of the course to evaluate your understanding of the topics.

This course will help you understand the programming aspects of Internet of Things with a view towards rapid prototyping of complex IoT applications. We have chosen Python as the primary programming language and Raspberry Pi device for the examples in this course. Case studies of various IoT domains including home automation, smart environment, smart cities, logistics, retail, smart energy, smart agriculture are included in this course. This course also introduces you to advanced topics on IoT including IoT Data Analytics and Tools for IoT.


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  • Budding engineers, IoT enthusiasts, researchers and entrepreneurs who are interested in the fundamentals, impact and potentials of the Internet of Things.
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Basic knowledge of Python programming is the only requirement.


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