Indian Art of Sculpture

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  • संस्कृतम्- अस्मिन् पाठे भारतीयां मूर्त्तिकलामाश्रित्य मूर्त्तिपूजारहस्यम्, संस्कृतवाङ्मये देवतानां स्वरूपञ्च विवेचितमस्ति|
  • हिन्दी- इस पाठ में भारतीय मूर्त्ति कला को आधार बनाकर मूर्त्ति पूजा का रहस्य एवं संस्कृत वाङ्मय में देवताओं के स्वरूप का विवेचन किया गया है |
  • In this text, the mystery of idol worship and the form of Gods is discussed in Sanskrit in the context of Indian sculpture.
प्रवक्ता- प्रो. अभिराजराजेन्द्रमिश्रः
सम्पूर्णानन्दसंस्कृतविश्वविद्यालयः वाराणसी, उत्तरप्रदेशः

The course consists of videos in which only Sanskrit is used for teaching.
Professors from various institutions will moderate this course through the "Samskritam Amurtasamaja" community. Once you are a part of the community, you can enhance your learning by participating in the discussion threads, raise queries and get updates from experts in quick time. You may also participate in the ongoing discussion forums to raise and clear your doubts.

In this course you will learn about the Indian Art of Sculpture in Sanskrit.


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  • Postgraduate students from Sanskrit Universities
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