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1 Weeks


5 Hours/Week



What will you learn in the course?

  • Exploring the world of prototypes to leverage the functionality of objects
  • Discovering objects that can talk and see-through events and callbacks
  • Creating efficient codes with the use of methods, properties and inheritance
  • Customising built-in objects to create a digital clock
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Features Include

What is JavaScript?

The world's most popular programming language for web pages

A lightweight, interpreted or just-in-time compiled programming language

A programming language that conforms to the ECMAScript specification

Make a life-changing career decision now!

The demand for skilled JavaScript developers in the industry is high as it involves all the layers of a web application, from the tech it runs on, to the database, the user interface and business logic for the frontend. Here is what you can look forward to in terms of career and job prospects.

Expected rise with CAGR 17.6%

India's software market during 2019-2024 (Source: Mint)

43% of most tested IT Skills

Java and JavaScript are the most popular skills in the domain (Source: DevSkiller)

~6.8 LPA

Average salary of Software Engineer (Source: Indeed)

Program for you

Is the programme for you?

JavaScript Patterns Course is a smart way to achieve the growth you seek in your career, especially if you are:

  • A graduate or postgraduate student, wanting to learn this skill
  • A jobseeker or working professional, seeking to upskill in new technologies

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