About TCS iON Career Edge

Whether it is the start of a career, a career change, an industry development or a technology change, the key is the ability to be prepared for it. TCS iON Career Edge offers you free access to 15-day online self-paced learning courses designed to impart professional preparedness skills that enable you to take on the future.

Available courses

Why TCS iON Career Edge?

Keep pace with changing skill demands in your profession

Gain applied knowledge for maximum career benefit

Nano-construct that requires just 1-2 hours of daily effort

Self-paced learning anywhere, anytime, and on any device

For whom

  • Career aspirants, young professionals, working professionals
  • Across professions, industries and domains

Key features

Unlimited and free access to courses

14 learning modules, each of 1-2 hours duration

Self-learning courses with multimodal content

Digital discussion rooms for learner support and guidance

Online assessments at the end of modules and courses

Verifiable digital certificate of completion


All TCS iON Career Edge courses are designed to be of 15 days duration, with 1 to 2 hours of learning each day.
Yes, there is an online assessment at the end of each module. In addition, there is an end-of-course assessment which has to be completed.
All TCS iON Career Edge courses are online and self-paced. The courses include associated videos, eLearning content and reading material. Learners can get their doubts and queries in the courses resolved through moderated digital discussion rooms.
Yes, you will get a verified digital certificate on completing all the mandatory requirements as indicated in the course introduction.
No, each course is meant for online self-learning at one's own pace. However, learners will get access to a moderated digital discussion room, where they can ask questions and clear doubts.
The course is designed such that on the day you subscribe, you will have access only to Day 1 module. On the second day, you will have access to Day 1 and Day 2 modules, and so on. By Day 15 all modules will be available to you.