Learning and Assessment Centre Details

Learning and Assessment (L&A) Centres are the Institute Partners enlisted with TCS iON. They are equipped to carry out hands-on training sessions as prescribed by the respective certification body. The certification body is an Academic Partner of TCS iON who leverages TCS iON's platform to take learning and assessment products across various parts of India. These practice sessions shall help the learners to take real-time sessions at their comfort. Learners can choose the centres within their reach for taking these sessions and make themselves industry relevant.

L&A Centres are onboarded with TCS only after conducting a thorough due-diligence and evaluation based on the following parameters:

  • Current Business Model
  • Equipment availability for the selected courses
  • Faculty eligibility and availability to teach
  • Infrastructure (computer labs, classrooms, exterior façade)
  • Basic Hygiene (washrooms, cafeteria, drinking water, social distancing)
  • Safety Protocols (first-aid kits, disaster management, doctor-on-call, safety equipments)
  • Reach via public transport
  • Background check of the Institute
  • Thorough check of the financials

In case of any queries, write to us at - tcsion.ve@tcs.com