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1 Weeks


5 Hours/Week



What will you learn in the course?

  • Preparations before an Interview
  • Interview process before, during and after the Interview
  • FAQs during an Interview
  • Steps to follow to ensure success in an Interview for a job
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Features Include

What are Interview Skills?

Interview Skills are the abilities to communicate better with the interviewer

With apt skills you can showcase yourself as the best-fit candidate for the job role

These skills help an employer in determining if your credentials, experience, and personality match their criteria

Make a life-changing career decision now!

Productive interview requires a lot of preparation. An interview is a formal meeting for obtaining information from an individual through questioning. It is a perfect place to showcase your skills by moulding questions and answers for exchanging ideas. Thorough research, prior to an interview, helps to know more about the organisation. We need to understand that handling an interview is a skill where practice and preparation improves the prospect of success and getting the job offer.


Of hiring time spent on interviews by recruiters (Source: Yello)

About 90 seconds

Are enough for recruiters to determine whether they would hire a candidate (Source: The Undercover Recruiter)


Of job success comes from excellent soft and people skills(Source: National Soft Skills Association)

Program for you

Is the programme for you?

Impress with Your Interview Skills Course is a smart way to achieve the growth you seek in your career, especially if you are:

  • A graduate or postgraduate student, wanting to learn this skill
  • A jobseeker or working professional, seeking for a change of job or better prospects within the organisation

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