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About TCS iON Industry Honour Course (IHC)

TCS iON Industry Honour Course is a set of courses which are aimed at building industry-relevant specialised skills and are delivered over academic semesters, enabling learners to become experienced freshers. Institutions can integrate these courses with their existing academic programme to create a unique course in the industry-relevant domain or technology and offer it to their students.

Our vision is to work with esteemed Universities and Institutes to transform learning and make it more experiential, inclusive, outcome-oriented, and a joyous experience for every learner. We believe that inputs and insights from Academicians, Industry, Higher Education Institutions, and the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 can help in transforming learning through the following three elements:

  • A portfolio of learning programmes covering industry-relevant Business 4.0 skills.
  • An Immersive and Experiential learning programme construct providing learners the flexibility based on their interests, availability of time, and aspirations.
  • A curated set of best-in-class partnerships ecosystem, including partners from Academia, Industry and world-class Publishers.
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This programme is envisaged to help build a strong foundation across various streams through digital lectures, formative and summative assessments, mini projects, mentorship from renowned industry and academic experts. Students will also get an opportunity to showcase their skills to potential recruiters.
This programme is designed to continuously make academic content more relevant to students by integrating industry inputs, which is a compelling need of the industry.
Any individual studying in GTU can browse through our catalogue of courses and subscribe to course(s) as needed.
  • To successfully administer the programme, the university/institution, needs to participate and take ownership of the following activities:
    • Create awareness about the course, register the students and administer the course in the campus
    • Organise and/or procure all physical resources required for hands-on learning including lab equipment, MS/Open Office tools, appropriate browsers as mentioned on the course website, and other relevant infrastructure for learning and assessment
    • Assign faculty SPOC, who has exposure to the relevant subject matter, to locally govern and mentor course consumption and evaluate projects
    • Conduct summative assessments at their respective institutions
    • Integrate the summative assessment performance with the student's transcripts
  • Internship opportunities, remote or on-site, as applicable, will be offered to students who have completed their industry assignments, subject to vacancies and the corporate hiring policy.
  • Successful students who have completed their pre-final year will gain visibility to job opportunities from corporates, subject to vacancies and the corporate hiring policy.
The duration of this programme is around 5 to 6 months, in sync with the universities'/institutions' semester.
  • The students will be assessed in 2 stages:
    • Part A is a test of knowledge, to assess the conceptual knowledge of a student, specific to the course
    • Part B is a test of application, to assess a student's applied skills gained through this programme using the hands-on learning finalised for the course
  • The assessments would be conducted either at the respective institutions or through remote proctored assessments, or at TCS iON test centres, which will be communicated a month prior to the exam.
The summative assessment consists of total 100 marks with 50 marks each allotted for Part A and Part B. Part A is a summative assessment of one hour and Part B is a summative assessment of about two hours (actual duration may vary depending on the course).
  1. Students who successfully clear the summative assessment and meet each of the following criteria will receive a 'Certificate of Achievement'. View Sample 'Certificate of Achievement'
    • Part B score is greater than or equal to 50%
    • Overall assessment score is greater than or equal to 50%, which includes the following components and weightage:
    • Component Weightage
      Part-A assessment 30%
      Part-B assessment 50%
      Periodic Formative Assessment 10%
      Class Participation* 10%

      * Class participation to consist of the below parameters with the given weightage:

      • Attendance in Digital Lectures: 2.5%
      • % Consumption of Digital Content: 2.5%
      • Vibrancy score in community: 2.5%
      • Participation during Lecture Q&A Polls: 2.5%
    • 100% Completion of the course (which includes digital content, digital lectures, and industry assignments)
  2. Students who have not taken the summative assessment or do not meet the criteria mentioned in point (a) but have completed the course 100% (which includes the digital content, digital lectures, industry assignments and formative assessment) will receive the 'Certificate of Participation'. View Sample 'Certificate of Participation'
  3. Students who have taken the summative assessment and have failed to clear it, will receive only a performance 'Scorecard'.
    View Sample 'Scorecard'
  4. Students who do not meet any of the above criteria will not receive any certificate or scorecard.
The students can appear for the summative assessment only once.
The student can appear for the re-exam by paying the pre-defined exam registration fees for the course.
Once an individual subscribes to the TCS iON Industry Honour Course, no refund will be issued under any circumstances.