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Duration: 2 Weeks

Commitment: 10 Hours/Week



Course Format

Online Self-paced

What will you learn

Self-development skills that give you an edge in your career
Craft an effective email with impactful content and a strong subject line
How to leave a lasting impact through active participation in a group discussion
Importance of non-verbal cues and verbal communication
Leverage the career guidance framework to get a head start in your career
New age foundational IT skills that industry demands

About this Course

This self-paced online course on soft and hard skills assists the learners in enhancing personality development and developing the basics of core IT skills.

The objective of this course is to ensure that learners, who have qualified both in academics and aptitude, gain the necessary skillsets demanded by industry today and get a head start in their career.

Each module of this course, except for the last one, contains a video and a case study, to help prepare for the course. There is a pre and post assessment to gauge if the course objectives are met, and helps the learners understand their strengths and weaknesses. You can post any questions that you have on the learning modules in the applicable comments section of the community. The moderator of the community will get back to you within a short time.

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Who would benefit?

  • Undergraduates and post graduates
  • Freshers

Course Syllabus

This course comprises the following modules:

Test one's knowledge of soft skills
Recommended Learning Duration: 30 Mins
02 Module
Day 1: Learn Corporate Etiquette
Learn common business etiquette followed in a corporate setting
Recommended Learning Duration: 2 Hours
03 Module
Day 2: Write an Effective Email
Craft a professional email with impactful content and a strong subject line
Recommended Learning Duration: 2 Hours
04 Module
Day 3: Prepare a Strong Resume and Cover Letter
Understand how to create a winning resume and cover letter
Recommended Learning Duration: 2 Hours
05 Module
Day 4: Improve Interpersonal Skills for Better Results
Enhance your verbal and non-verbal communication skills
Recommended Learning Duration: 2 Hours
06 Module
Day 5: Be Prepared for Group Discussions
Know why group discussions are conducted and learn to actively participate
Recommended Learning Duration: 2 Hours
07 Module
Day 6: Make Impactful Presentations
Learn how to prepare and make engaging and effective presentations
Recommended Learning Duration: 2 Hours
08 Module
Day 7: Understand How to Ace Corporate Interviews
Understand how to attend and ace corporate interviews
Recommended Learning Duration: 2 Hours
09 Module
Day 8: Develop Soft Skills that Industry Demands
Know the importance of soft skills to achieve better results
Recommended Learning Duration: 2 Hours
10 Module
Day 9: Learn Corporate Telephone Etiquette
Understand etiquette to be followed during a work related telecall
Recommended Learning Duration: 2 Hours
11 Module
Day 10: Overview of IT Foundational Skills
Develop your foundational IT skills by listening to TCS tech experts
Recommended Learning Duration: 1 Hour
Assess the learning from the course
Recommended Learning Duration: 30 Mins


There are no prerequisites for taking this course

About Certification

You will get a participation certificate on completing this course. Please click on the image below to view sample certificate.



1. How much time do I have to spend on this course? +
  • This course can be completed in 2 weeks, with a dedicated approach to complete one module per day.