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A day in a school teacher's life is rarely without any assessment-related activity - preparing, conducting or evaluating class tests, quizzes, monthly tests, or term-end exams find a place in a teacher's schedule by default. Recent research in classrooms show that most teachers typically spend one-third or more of their professional time in assessment-related activities! Now that's significant amount of time!

Assessments are crucial to the development of sound educational programmes, anywhere. Driving high-quality in assessments has become a pressing educational priority, given the growing focus on outcome-led teaching and learning, as outlined in the National Education Policy (NEP 2020) and espoused by various academic experts. But constructing quality question papers take time and significant effort. How do we equip teacher educators with the knowledge, skills and methodologies to create high-quality questions and question papers? How do we make it objective-driven and balanced?

If you are a teacher wanting to get the best out of your student or teaching, this course is for you. Developed by eminent expert Late Prof. H. S. Srivastava, and with assistance from other renowned educationists, the course provides a sound foundation to school teachers who would like to master the art of constructing balanced question papers.

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  • In-service teachers
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