TCS iON Digital Learning Hub | September 07,2021
Make Your Child Competition Ready

Follow these simple steps to ensure your child can handle high pressure exams with ease.

Life is a series of challenges. If one has the right attitude and support system the journey can be both smooth and rewarding. The onus lies with the parent or caregiver to inculcate a drive and strength to face challenges.

As students the main challenge children need to face are examinations. Right from the start of their academic career, children are groomed to take on the pressures of time bound exams which help gauge their domain knowledge and time management skills. As years go by, students are exposed to different kinds of exams depending on the various stages of development.

Competitive exams are the toast of the season. From professional to vocational courses all coveted universities, colleges or even government organizations, conduct competitive examinations so that they can admit or hire the best available talent in the market. In this cut throat environment, how do you give an impetus to your child or ward? Here are some simple yet effective ways to gain an edge:

Past Test Review

Familiarizing your child with past exam patterns is a good place to start. This will give students an idea of where they lack and what they can do to improve. Also, attempting past papers gives them a real time view of what to expect in the upcoming assessment.

Get Diagnosed

Opt for a reputed career counselling program to conduct a thorough understanding of your child’s aptitude and areas of concern. This helps in taking an informed decision and equipping them with the right tools so that they aren’t overwhelmed when the time comes.

Understand Learning Styles

Determine the kind of learner your child is and design a study plan as per that. This goes a long way in reducing stress. Some students prefer visuals, while some find it easy to grasp concepts which they hear about and the last kind include students who like experimenting and gain insights by discovering how things work.

Practice Calming Techniques

It is very easy to panic during exams. The pressure of time, getting answers right and recalling everything they have learnt tends to take a toll on young minds. Be careful not to pass on the stress you’re feeling to your charge, and get them to practice calming tricks to handle the pressure with ease.

Be Prepared

Surprises are a part and parcel of every exam. If the fundamentals are in place, the child will be able to answer any question satisfactorily. The only way to achieve this is to gain a complete understanding of the subject. Concentrate on conceptual learning instead of rote learning to gain a more well-rounded knowledge of the subject.

From this you can tell that cracking competitive exams are a combination of hard work, smart analysis and more importantly well informed students. Aspire to create more calm and together students so that they can excel in everything they do. As the old adage goes, “Don’t stress. Do your best. Forget the rest.”

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