TCS iON Digital Learning Hub | September 09,2020
Let Your Resume Shine with TCS iON Remote Internships

7 Reasons You Need Us Now

Talk about blessings in disguise!

The lockdown rewarded us with quality time with family, extended hours of binge-watching our favorite web series, video calls with friends, and pursuit of hobbies. This period seemed like an ideal world with ample time to do what we like.

But what about life after the lockdown?

Come internship season, college students and fresh graduates start applying for internships to seek exposure to a proper work environment and build new connections. Corporates look for new talent by offering internship opportunities.

If you are a first-time job seeker, the future is uncertain. Companies are struggling to continue businesses because of severe economic disruption, and have witnessed employee retrenchment, pay cuts, and halt in hiring. Many companies have canceled or postponed their summer internship programs. Internships for pre-final year students and campus placements for the current batches have come to a halt. 

Companies transitioning to remote working culture and continuing the same trend by shifting their internship jobs to virtual programs have come as a silver-lining for college students seeking work experience.

“But where do I look for online internship opportunities?” If this was your first thought, then worry not! We’ve got your back.

TCS iON has caught the pulse of your current needs and, is connecting students with corporates and industry mentors through its virtual internships program, TCS iON Remote Internships, compliant with AICTE/UGC guidelines. The platform provides well-structured internships on trending project topics in various domains. You gain an advantage of continual learning under the direct mentorship of industry experts. 

Still thinking? Scroll down to know how TCS iON Remote Internships will help you:  

  1. Enhance your resume with TCS brand: These internship opportunities have made it possible for you to get associated with the trusted brand of TCS iON. Nobody will miss noticing this mega-star on your resume.
  2. Guaranteed internships, even in an unstable job market: With over 170 projects across diverse domains, round the year, the program offers guaranteed internships. Even when the rest of the world is in a crisis, we assure you to get internship projects. 
  3. Most sought-after projects: You get to apply for internships of your interest. And you can choose from a plethora of industry projects on trending themes. You can even select your projects based on the number of hours you want to dedicate for the internship.
  4. Exclusive guidance from industry experts: Each project will have industry mentor(s) to guide you through project completion. The valuable guidance, coupled with the exposure to the trending topics, prepares you for real-world scenarios and how to tackle associated problems.
  5. Earn the most-coveted certificate: Yes, you read that right! You get the one thing that everybody wants the most. Certificate! Once you complete the internship of your choice, you will earn a Certificate of Internship that will help you show off your efforts in the project.
  6. Elevate your academic learning: Your academic guides will track your progress in the projects, and can also reward you with academic credits. With the viva evaluation conducted post the completion of the project, you can improve your credits. We make sure your learning continues by providing industry-curated content for your projects. Besides, there are videos, webinars, and digital discussion rooms that motivate you to learn and share ideas with your mentors and peers. 
  7. Access from your favorite location in the whole wide world: We know how much you love the comfort of your home. You can be in your PJs and still broaden your professional network to step into the corporate world. 

 These remote internships will help you adapt to the ‘new normal’ of work from home. By the time you step out of college, you will have added value to your resume with the newly gained skills through online internships, and the immersive learning experience will give you an edge over other job seekers.

So, brush off the anxiety of what future holds and click here to kick start your career with TCS iON Remote Internships.


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