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Cloud Computing : Which SaaS to certify on?

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Software-as-a-Service or SaaS, in short, is one of the highest growth areas within the cloud computing market. According to, the SaaS industry is expected to have a compound annual growth rate of 21.2% from 2018 to 2023. Much of this growth is expected to come from North America, which currently has the largest market share in the global SaaS market and the Asia-Pacific region that is seeing one of the highest growth rates in this sector.

This growth presents a unique opportunity for aspirants like you to put your career in high gear and to work in a financially and professionally rewarding sector. To give you an idea, a mid-level executive working in SaaS can expect an annual salary of around 20 lakhs while those with 10 to 15 years of experience can expect an annual salary upwards of 30 lakhs.

In addition, a survey conducted Zinnov, an IT consultancy company, shows that more than three lakh cloud computing professionals are needed within the next four years to keep pace with the growing demand of this industry.

All these statistics clearly point to a lucrative career in the SaaS industry, provided you have the right knowledge and the necessary certification to get a firm foothold within this sector.

Here are some of the different SaaS certifications that can help you get started.


One of the first names that comes to your mind when you think of SaaS is Salesforce because this company is one of the pioneers in SaaS and it has been in this line of business for more than 20 years now.

Its flagship product, called Sales Cloud, helps companies to manage their prospective clients and to work with them using a myriad of channels to ultimately convert them into customers. Besides this CRM tool, Salesforce also has social networking applications for internal and external communication and collaboration.

With more than three million subscribers and $8 billion in revenue, Salesforce undoubtedly is a major player within this industry and a certification in its offering can boost your SaaS career.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe is a good example of a company that has adapted itself to changing times. From a software licensing model, this company has moved to a SaaS model with its product called Adobe Creative Cloud that's designed for the creative minds that are into photo editing, web design, photography, graphic design, video editing, and more.

In addition, Adobe Marketing Cloud is a digital marketing tool that's used by most Fortune 50 companies to further their business and to achieve their digital marketing goals.


No conversation of SaaS is complete without Microsoft - the world's largest provider of SaaS solutions. With a slew of products like Azure, Microsoft 365, and more, Microsoft has a wide client base around the world and is generating around $29 billion a year in revenue. Undoubtedly, a certification in Microsoft-related products is sure to give your career a big boost.


Oracle is another leading player in this industry offering a gamut of SaaS solutions in the areas of enterprise resource planning, human capital management, customer support, supply chain, and more. With more than $6 billion in revenue and about 500,000 customers including many prominent companies in the Fortune 100 list, Oracle SaaS certifications are also a good option to consider.


SAP is another company that specializes in cloud offerings for enterprise-level consumers. With more than 50 different applications used across a wide range of industries and generating $8 billion in revenue, SAP certifications are sure to give you the much-needed impetus to a career in the SaaS world. In fact, this may be a great time for a SaaS certification as the company expects its SaaS division to contribute about 75% of its total revenue by 2020.


When you think of Google, search engine and possibly Google Ads are the two things that come to your mind. But in reality, Google extends way beyond these two divisions and in fact, is a big player in the SaaS industry. It offers both a free plan with limited services and a paid plan for a more extensive set of features for most of its products and this is one of the factors for the widespread popularity of its flagship SaaS product - G Suite. It is estimated that Google's G Suite generates about a billion dollars a year in revenue and this is only going to go up in the future.


Besides the biggest players, there are also many smaller companies that are carving a niche for themselves in the SaaS industry. Some prominent ones include Dropbox, Slack, LogMeIn, Shopify, Splunk, and more. Though these companies have only a niche offering now, they are working towards creating tools that will focus on a specific area of work and possibly even collaborate with other related companies to give a combined offering to customers. 

Though there are no separate certifications for each of these smaller players, that could change in the future. Or even better, a generic certification should give you the necessary know-how to understand these smaller players and their offerings.

Which SaaS to certify on?

The above list gives you an idea of the leading players within the SaaS market. You can choose to get a certification in one or more of these tools to gain in-depth knowledge in each of them or you can opt for a generic SaaS certification from companies like TCS iON to get a firm grasp of the SaaS industry in general, so you can work on many SaaS tools. These generic certifications teach you not just the development and implementation of a particular tool, but also the key KPIs and metrics that are a must in the SaaS world and the strategies to find the best-fit SaaS tool for a given situation.

The choice of certification depends mostly on your personal preferences, career options, and the opportunities available within your organization or region. Regardless of which certification you choose, the bottom line is you should equip yourself with the right tools and knowledge to ride one of the biggest growth waves happening within the IT sector today. 

TCS iON Digital Learning Hub is a complete learning solution for a varied segment of learners. Learn and upskill your knowledge from the wide range of Courses offered. Prepare, test and analyse your knowledge through the Assessments. Share your ideas and learn from others by being a part of the Communities