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Are Analytics jobs in demand today?


Owing to the rising popularity of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, the demand for Data scientists has considerably increased. However, the rate of supply for the same has been rather low. A recent report from Indeed, which is ranked among top global job sites, noted a 29% rise in demand for data scientists this year and a whopping 344% increase in the demand since 2013. There was, however, a shortage in the supply of skilled data scientists which answers our question - Are Analytics jobs in demand today?

Big Data is everywhere. There is a dire requirement to collect, store and analyse this data as and when generated for two fundamental reasons -

●    Motivation to utilise data for the future decision-making process
●    Fear of missing out on something crucial to decision making 

Data is all around. What we do with this data is what counts. Analytics thus aids various companies in improving their business and providing the most significant edge over the competitors.


What is the scope for Analytics jobs in India?

“HUGE” would be the exact word to answer this question. It is predicted that data would grow by 50X times by the year 2020. Moreover, there are close to 1,00,000 job openings currently in India for data scientists.

Wipro, Microsoft, JPMorgan, Deloitte, E&Y, Accenture are a few names that have ranked in the top data analyst employers’ list last year. Bengaluru contributes to 27% of analytics jobs in India and is closely followed by Delhi and Mumbai.

Analytics is one of the best career moves today because of the soaring demand for analytics professionals. The reason for this is the simple fact that without the skill to interpret it, the data is pretty much useless. IT professionals are more than willing to invest money and time to get certified in this field because of its increasing value. 

Technology professionals who are certified in Analytics are in high demand as organizations are looking for ways to make the most of the power of Big Data. Shortage of the necessary skills has created a large number of unfilled jobs in the market, despite this field being one of the most wanted jobs. 

India has the highest concentration of analytics jobs in the world after the US. With more global organizations outsourcing their work, the scope of this job is increasing exponentially. 
Source: Palmer

What is the median salary of a data scientist in India?
The average salary is somewhere around 10,00,000 per annum for a data analyst. If you have more than 5 years of experience in this domain, then you could fetch a minimum of 15,00,000 per annum, and for data analysts with more than 10 years experience, the sum would go up to 20,00,000 per annum.


What are the prerequisites for data scientists?

Data scientists and data analysts with a background in mathematics, computer science and domain expertise, when armed with certification can demand a high salary in the market. Data scientists today, are expected to have fundamental eloquence in at least one programming language. Python and R have emerged rather popular among employers. Additionally, data scientists are required to possess knowledge of one of the tools including Hive, AWS, BigQuery, Hadoop and Spark. 

A report by Analytics India Magazine in association with AnalytixLabs indicates that the average salaries of Analytics professionals in India stand at Rs. 11.7 lakhs per annum, whereas that of IT professionals is at Rs. 8.65 lakh per annum, Moreover, only 39% of analytics professionals have salaries under 6 Lakhs vs 58% in IT. Thus, you stand to gain financially, provided you have the required professional skills. Source: Internet


How to become a certified data scientist? 

Analytics is a top priority in many organizations. Core operations, along with competencies, are being redefined based on the interpretations of these numbers. One of the biggest hurdles that companies face today is identifying the right talent for the various roles. With the ability to make decisions being considered as a critical corporate asset, certification in Analytics is being relied upon to evaluate the expertise of the resource. This certification helps the resource acquire critical skills and bring value to the organization by fulfilling multiple roles. 

Merits of pursuing TCS iON ProCert Analytics certification

●    Substantial salary: As the demand in the market is increasing and supply unable to match up, the value of these jobs are on the rise as well, thereby increasing the salary quotient. 
●    Career progression: Decision making is a big part of being a data analyst. Adopting a futuristic data analyst profession creates more visibility for the role. 
●    Learn while you work: Earning the certification while working means there is no break from the career. IT professionals have the option of earning the certificate online to reduce the skill-gaps in the market. 
●    Applicable in various industries: Certification gives the resource the leverage to experiment a career in a wide range of sectors providing scope to leapfrog in the profession. Opens are available dime-a-dozen to suit preferences.

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