Refreshing new user interface
that redefines users experience

Brand New Timeline View:

  • Now read the first few lines of the post without opening it.
  • Rate, comment, like and discuss the topics that matter to you.

Media Thumbnail View:

  • Media files are now displayed using the new thumbnail view

Intuitive Course Dashboard:

  • Dashboard delivers single-screen insights into activity summary of courses, assessments and pending activities.
  • Use insights from the dashboard to introduce early intervention programs to improve learning outcomes.

Redefine Assessments

Varied Assessment Formats:

  • Conduct assessments in multiple question formats objective (MCQ, fill-in-the-blanks & match the statement) and subjective.
  • Add video and audio files to questions.
  • LaTeX Editor integrated enables creation of mathematical formulae and symbols

Offer Assessment in Multiple Languages:

Flexible Grading Scheme:

  • Set grading schemes at activity and course levels

Delivering and designing
courses simplified

Simplified templates for designing courses:

  • Publish and update course content from templates onto course batches even after the batches have started.
  • Administrator reverse sync course content from course batches to the parent course template to make best-in-class content available to all learners.

Enables self-paced courses for learners:

  • Organizations can create self-paced courses for learners, which learners can customize for themselves, ensuring that they get enough time to learn.
  • Learners can track their progress on the comprehensive course dashboard.

Enhanced delivery control for faculty:

  • Users can share content with other users or groups.
  • Administrator can schedule course content and assessment
    activities based on course start date.

Administer effectively
to refine users experience

Administration Management Simplified:

  • Administrator now have more controls to administer the platform.
  • Provide temporary access to users & host of other features.

Enhanced Abuse Reporting Function:

  • Auto-removal of reported posts on a temporary basis.
  • Administrator can reinstate posts based on review.

Smarter Usage Reporting:

  • Administrators gain better insights on usage patterns

Communicate and connect faster
with full featured, integrated toolset

Communicate faster with chat services:

  • Communicate with stakeholders in real-time through chat services.
  • Disable chat services for stakeholders based on preference.

Access to on-demand analytics
for better decision making

Faster Report Accessibility:

  • Generate reports in real-time.
  • Store reports generated in the online library.

Personalised Reports:

  • Build custom reports leveraging the on-demand reporting capabilities
  • Attach macro and HTML templates for further analysis

Improved Report Delivery:

  • Export reports, users can also send reports alerts using SMS.
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